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Commugen Programmatically Generated MS Word files based on Dataset and Rendered output to PDF

About Commugen

Commugen is a software company that developed a platform that enables non-programmers to build web-based applications.

Solutions based on the platform serve leading Israeli companies, mainly in the financial and government sectors. They include solutions for e.g. governance, risk management, and compliance.


Commugen developed an ASP.NET web application where we enabled modeling data structures and relationships between structures. After modeling, the application generates an input interface that enables the gathering of data throughout the organization. The data … Continue Reading

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Update Digital Signature Information in PDF using C#

Process of signing PDF documents has been commonly known and being practiced in many systems. Signatures are meant to secure documents and authenticate them. We can simple take example of a piece of paper where some information is written on. Now, if you do not find any reference of that information or any attestation mark over that paper, it would be hard to believe if information is correct. But, if any stamp or signature is present on the paper then … Continue Reading

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.NET OMR API to Perform OMR Operations

We are here to share an exciting news about upcoming API for .NET platforms. Aspose APIs are about to add a new member in their community with the name of Aspose.OMR for .NET. Yeah, you may be thinking right after getting name of upcoming API. The API will be offering quite demanding functionality to perform OMR operations over images. Speaking of OMR, you may have idea that it is Optical Mark Reading/Recognition – the process of gathering information from human … Continue Reading

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Autofit Rows for Merged Cells using Aspose.Cells for .NET v19.3

Aspose.Cells for .NET logoGuys, are you ready? Before we dive into its details: I want you to get an essence of the public release. I am giving you little preview of the new features and other enhancements available in the release for quick reference. I guess you know the valuable usage of MS Excel’s auto-fit rows/cols feature. Yet, you are one step ahead and perform the operation on merged cells by Aspose.Cells. While working in MS Excel IDE, you might not dislike formatted … Continue Reading

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Import Data from JSON to Excel in Java using Aspose.Cells for Java

Import Data from JSON to Excel

Big smiles as I am here to announce the release of the latest version of Aspose.Cells for Java. In this post, I am going to give you a glimpse of all the new exciting features for the best utilization of the API along with the improvements and fixes. Links to the relevant articles and resources will also be available for quick reference. So let us start reviewing what is there in this release.

JSON to Excel in Java

As … Continue Reading

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Preserve Legacy Control Characters while Exporting Word Documents using C#

Hi guys! Do you want to preserve legacy control characters in Word documents? Many of you must want to work with font fallback for Google Noto fonts? You will love to export the list labels of Word document into TXT file format with specific character and change the text alignment of axis tick labels of chart. So what’s the solution?

It is Aspose.Words for .NET 19.3. You can work with these features using it.

So how to work these … Continue Reading

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Render XPS Format using Aspose.Cells for Reporting Services

At least Windows users won’t deny the advantages of XPS (The XML Paper Specification) format. Forget if it is a paginated fixed-layout format that retains the look and feel of your documents. But, being a shape of electronic paper, the XPS format provides a better way in which you can easily create, share and print digital documents. And, above all, XPS documents can be neither manipulated nor edited easily and can only be viewed on computer systems that have an … Continue Reading

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Detektei Müller GmbH Uses Aspose APIs for Generating Word and PDF Documents in ASP.NET Core

About Detektei Müller GmbH

The “CitySpion” type of monitoring has proven its worth. Shoplifters – whether they are local professionals, drug addicts or crime tourists – have a hard time. We make life difficult for shoplifters and we make it sustainable.


Problem We developed an ASP .NET Core web application which aggregates some data and generates reports as Word documents and as well as PDF documents. On the webserver, we don’t have Word or Office applications installed. We started … Continue Reading

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