Guys, let’s check out what’s new for you in Aspose.Words for Java 19.5 release.

Paragraph Style Separator in Word Documents

A style separator can be added to the end of a paragraph using the Ctrl + Alt + Enter Keyboard Shortcut into MS Word. This feature allows for two different paragraph styles used in one logical printed paragraph. Starting from Aspose.Words 19.5, you will be able to identify either a paragraph break is a Style Separator or not. The Paragraph.BreakIsStyleSeparator property has been added to this release. The below code example shows how to use it.

Get Font Line Spacing in Word Documents

The line spacing of a font is the vertical distance between the baselines of two consecutive lines of text. Thus, the line spacing includes the blank space between lines along with the height of the character itself.

The LineSpacing property was introduced in the Font class to obtain this value as shown in the example given below:

AppendDocument Overload Added with Additional ImportFormatOptions Parameter

Aspose.Words now provides a new overloaded AppendDocument() method into a Document class. It allows specifying additional options that affect the formatting of a result document. The following code example shows the usage of this method.

Check if Particular DML Text Effect is Applied

Aspose.Words now provides Font.HasDmlEffect() method to check if particular DML text effect is applied to the Run. This is a boolean type property and returns true if particular DML text effect is applied. The given below code example shows how to use this property.

Get Fake Result of Field

Aspose.Words now provides a property to obtain the field’s result for fields that do not have a field separator node. We call this “fake result” or display result; MS Word displays it in the document by calculating the field’s value on the fly, but there is no such value in the document model. The following code example shows the usage of Filed.DisplayResult property.

Keeping the Aspose tradition, you are welcome to shape the upcoming releases of Aspose.Words for Java API by posting your suggestions and concerns in the Aspose.Words for Java Support Forum.