Aspose has always striven to bring you the best and most useful products for developing solutions efficiently. Maintaining the enthusiasm to provide what is best for productivity, it is an honor to announce an upcoming product i.e. Aspose.Page. Aspose.Page will soon going to be a new member in APIs’ catalog offered by Aspose. The API will be released for .NET and Java platforms initially and will be offered with a rich feature set. Speaking of the features of the API, it will contain all features which have currently been offered by the two APIs i.e. Aspose.XPS and Aspose.EPS. Yes, this is right. Single API will be offering complete functionalities offered by two different APIs. It will not sound strange if you call this a MERGER of two APIs. Most of you guys who already have worked with Aspose.XPS and Aspose.EPS, may be familiar with the features offered by these. However, you can have a sneak peek into what Aspose.Page will be offering in its first release:

Features in First Release of Aspose.Page

The first version of the API will be able to:

  • Create, edit and save XPS document
  • Convert XPS document to PDF and image
  • Convert PostScript (PS) and Encapsulated PostScript (EPS) files to PDF and image

EPS Features

  • Supports PostScript language levels 1-3 with an exception of font types: Type2 (CFF), Type14 (Chameleon), Types 9, 10, 11, 32 (CID-Keyed)
  • Save as PDF
  • Save as raster image

XPS Features

  • Create and edit XPS document
  • Add or remove pages of XPS document
  • Work with canvases, paths and glyphs elements
  • Create vector graphics shapes (Path element) using a set of primitives (elliptical arcs, Bezier curve segments and straight line segments)
  • Create text strings (Glyphs element)
  • Group elements (Canvas element) to manipulate a group as a whole
  • Manipulate the appearance of graphics and text strings
  • Use brushes of different types including solid color brush, image brush, visual brush etc
  • Specify colors in different color spaces including sRGB, scRGB and any space based on ICC profile
  • Work with multiple documents inside an XPS document
  • Preserve print tickets in opened XPS document if any
  • Add default print tickets into new XPS document or an opened one if there’re no tickets in it
  • Perform cross-package operations, e.g. add/insert an element from another document (XPS package), assign a property value created in another document’s context, create elements/property values based on file resources created in another document’s context, add/insert a page from another document
  • Get a job/document/page print ticket object and link it to another job/document/page
  • Manipulate print tickets using the Print Schema model classes
  • Save XPS documents as raster images
  • Save XPS documents to PDF format
  • Manipulate hyperlinks associated with XPS elements
  • Save PDF to stream
  • Manipulate, save and convert XPS outline items

Discontinuation of Aspose.XPS and Aspose.EPS

Since both Aspose.EPS and Aspose.XPS are going to be merged as one Aspose.Page API, they will be discontinued and removed from APIs’ catalog offered by Aspose. They will no longer be part of Aspose.Total package and no updates or revisions will going to be released for them. As per best compensation policy for customers who already have purchased licenses for Aspose.XPS and Aspose.EPS, they will be able to use Aspose.Page with their existing licenses. Please note that Aspose.Page will support existing licenses until they are expired. You will have to renew your license and get Aspose.Page license to keep using API without any limitation.

Release of the first version of the API depends upon internal components integration and performance tests. In case all integration tests are successful, we plan to roll out first version of Aspose.Page for .NET/Java during this month i.e. June. Along with testing the API and making it ready for its first release, we are also working over creating its official documentation and release notes. Similar to other Aspose APIs, you will surely have all resources available online i.e. documentation, guide to use API features, working demos written in C#, etc.

In order to keep yourself updated with the news on Aspose.Page for .NET/Java release, stay tuned with us. In case of any question or inquiry, you can please reach us over Aspose.Page Support Forum. We will be more than happy to entertain your queries accordingly.