Hello firends! in today’s blog, I am going to introduce you to what new features have been included in Aspose.Email 19.5. As always, Aspose team has published both .NET and Java based API having same features sets simultaneously. This way, the users of both API’s can make use of new features irrespective of application and platform type. In following sections, I will shed some light on new features available in API and how to use them.

Getting OLM Folder path

Now, you have got support to traverse through folders and sub-folders inside OLM storage file and access them OlmFolder.Path property which returns the folder path. In following example, we have demonstrated the recursive use of OlmFolder.Path property to get the folder and sub-folders paths in the OML file.

The similar Java based example for this is:

Getting user defined folders only inside PST

The PST/OST files may contain folders which have been created by user. Now, Aspose.Email provides the ability to access only user-defined folders by using the PersonalStorageQueryBuilder.OnlyFoldersCreatedByUser property. One can set the PersonalStorageQueryBuilder.OnlyFoldersCreatedByUser property to True to get only user-defined folders. The following example demonstrates the use of PersonalStorageQueryBuilder.OnlyFoldersCreatedByUser and getting user-defined folders.

The similar Java based example for this is:

IMAP Multi-connection Backup and Restore

When working with a large number of messages, the backup/restore operation can take a long time. For this, the API provides support for multiple connections during backup and restore operation. To enable the MultiConnection mode, set ImapClient.UseMultiConnection property to MultiConnectionMode.Enable. The following examples demonstrate the use backup and restore operation with MultiConnection mode enabled.

The similar Java based example for this is:

There’s many other features, enhancement, and bug fixes included in this release. Here you can get the detail!

When time allows you can check out API examples at Github, talk about this release and other API related issues in our forum.