Support for adding image as blob in Aspose.Slides

Hi guys! In today’s blog I would like to share my experience after using latest Aspose.Slides 19.6 which has been enriched with improved image management support features. The best thing about about Aspose.Slides is that it has a monthly release where .NET, Java, Android via Java and C++ based APIs are published together. So, whats available in .NET based API is also available for Java, Android via Java and C++ based APIs. This way the users feels comfortable with API they are using and with same features available across the board.

In following sections, I am going to give you a walk through of what new features have been included and what improvements have been carried in API.

Add Image as BLOB in Presentation

When dealing with PowerPoint presentation working with images in presentation play a pivotal role. Some times there is requirement of adding huge images in presentation. MS PowerPoint include such images as blobs. We have included a new method to IImageCollection interface and ImageCollection class to support adding large image as streams to treat them as BLOBs.

This example demonstrates how to include the large BLOB (image) and prevent a high memory consumption.

The similar Java based example for this is:

The similar C++ based example for this is:

Get Effective Background Values Of Slide

Now, Aspose.Slides provides support to represent effective background of slide which contains information about effective fill format and effective effect format. To achieve this, IBackgroundEffectiveData interface and its implementation by BackgroundEffectiveData class have been added.

CreateBackgroundEffective method has been added to IBaseSlide interface and BaseSlide class. This method allows to get effective values for slides background. The following example shows how to get effective background values of slide.

The similar Java based example for this is:

The similar C++ based example for this is:

Saving Progress Updates in Percentage during rendering

When using, Aspose.Slides some times one need to save huge presentation files or convert huge presentation files to PDF. In such situation, the API user may experience wait condition till the time the saving or rendering process is completed and such situation is sometimes annoying. In order to mitigate this a new IProgressCallback interface has been added to ISaveOptions interface and SaveOptions abstract class.IProgressCallback interface represents a callback object for saving progress updates in percentage.

The following example exhibit the use of new future while exporting to PDF.

The similar Java based example for this is:

The similar C++ based example for this is:

Wait, there’s many other features, enhancement, and bug fixes included in this release. Here you can get the detail!

When time allows you can check out API examples at Github, talk about this release and other API related issues in our forum.