Aspose.Page is Launched with the Features of Aspose.XPS and Aspose.EPS

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It has already been announced in pre-release blog post of Aspose.Page API that it will be a merger of both Aspose.XPS and Aspose.EPS APIs. Well, Wait is over now. Aspose.Page has been rolled out and available to be used in .NET and Java Applications. It is loaded with the features set earlier offered by Aspose.EPS and Aspose.XPS. Since both Aspose.EPS and Aspose.XPS have been merged as one Aspose.Page API, they will be discontinued and removed from APIs’ catalog offered by Aspose. They will no longer be part of Aspose.Total package and no updates or revisions will be going to be released for them.

You may use Aspose.Page for .NET/Java to work with both XPS and EPS documents. Using the API you can create, edit and save existing as well as new XPS documents. Furthermore, you can convert XPS and EPS documents into PDF and Images. Let’s dive into further information which will be helpful setting up the API and replace it with Aspose.XPS and Aspose.EPS in your existing applications.

Using The API Classes

Aspose.Page offers similar classes earlier offered by Aspose.XPS and Aspose.EPS. You can simply add a reference to Aspose.Page in your .NET or Java project and include following namespaces. You would not need to change many lines of code in your program to get it working without any error.



Furthermore, API Reference section can be visited in order to get full details of classes offered by the API:

Code Samples and Documentation

Like other Aspose APIs, Aspose.Page has been released with fully-fledged code samples in C#.NET and Java which will help you understand and implement the API functionality easily and efficiently. Code samples and example projects have been hosted over GitHub and they are free to access:

Every offered feature is elegantly documented and code samples have been showcased with full details of functionality in the documentation section of Aspose.Page for .NET Java. In order to make exploring better for documentation, the following is the list which is categorized on the basis and Aspose.XPS and Aspose.EPS features which are now offered by Aspose.Page:

XPS Features:

EPS Features:

Installation and Use of Aspose.EPS and Aspose.XPS Licenses

Installation or setting up the API to work with is quite similar to other .NET and Java APIs offered by the Aspose. As far as the license of the API is concerned, existing users of Aspose.EPS and Aspose.XPS APIs have been offered with the best deal i.e. they will be able to use Aspose.Page with their existing licenses. Please note that Aspose.Page will support existing licenses (i.e. of Aspose.XPS and Aspose.EPS) until they are expired. You will have to renew your license and get new Aspose.Page license to keep using API without any limitation.

While using the API first time and in case you do not have a license either for Aspose.XPS or Aspose.EPS, it will require a valid license to use it without any limitation. You can also apply for a 30-days temporary license in order to evaluate the API without any limitation.

Release Notes and Downloads

Since Aspose.Page for .NET/Java has been published, you can download it and use it in your environment. As always recommended, please go through the following release notes pages of the API before using it.

API can be downloaded using the following links:

We really hope that you have found every detail to set up this new API and work with it. In case we have missed something or you have any inquiry about Aspose.Page, please feel free to reach us over Aspose.Page Support Forum. Stay tuned with us in order to keep yourself updated with the latest news about Aspose APIs.