OneNote files are loaded fast in licensing mode with Aspose.Note for .NET and Java 19.7

The wait is over as new release for Aspose.Note for .NET/Java 19.7 is published. This time we have improved the support for processing files in OneNote online format. This release contains many enhancements and few bugs are also removed which were reported by users. There were some issues which are resolved like slow processing of OneNote files. For details about this release, you may visit the release notes for .NET and Java.

Slow loading of OneNote file

A user reported that the loading of OneNote files was very slow. After a brief analysis it was observed that if you load files without using the license, the evaluation version has overheads to implement limitations. You may use valid license to achieve best performance of this product.

Other improvements

  • We have improved the support for processing files in OneNote online format.
  • There was an exception “Index was out of range” reported by a user. This exception is removed now.
  • “Unknown binary data compression” exception was raised while loading Note files. This issue is sorted out now.
  • An issue was observed where Note document had negative zoom so there was extra space on the left and an incorrect number of pages was returned after saving as pdf. This issue is also resolved from this version.

You may download the latest version for Java and .NET to test the product features. For complete examples download running projects for .NET and Java here and start testing features without writing any code.