The world admires Batman and Superman. They both have billions of fans together. They both have a different character, different powers, different qualities, and features. Even the fan base quarrel with each other about which superhero is better than the other one. One can always hear rants about Batman vs Superman. What if there was nothing like Batman vs Superman and they both worked together - serving humanity and saving the world? The world would definitely be a better place to live in!

Well, not for the whole world, but we can make life easier for .NET and Java developers working with XPS and EPS documents. We had Aspose.XPS and Aspose.EPS for manipulating XPS and EPS documents. Now, there is nothing like Aspose.XPS vs Aspose.EPS - They both are working together serving the developers - we call the new product Aspose.Page.

If you were a fan of Aspose.XPS or EPS there is nothing to worry. You can access all the features of both products with your existing license. Now combined together - we can have an even bigger fan base. Now let’s jump inside the code to get highlights of the product.

Convert XPS to PDF

Aspose.Page allows document conversion. For instance, you can convert XPS to PDF. Let’s try out the examples for conversion.



This is the overview how the product words. The API offers other handful features for manipulate XPS and EPS documents. For more details, please feel free to visit documentation. To explore more examples you can access our open source examples and in case you would have any query, please feel to contact us using our forum.