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Advanced HarfBuzz Shaper based Typography Supported by Aspose.Words for Java 19.9

Today, I will highlight the major features introduced in Aspose.Words for Java 19.9 release:

OpenType Fonts and Kerning Features Supported

OpenType is a font format for scalable computer fonts and introduced to provide better support for languages and writing systems as compared to PostScript and TrueType. We have added TextShaperFactory property in LayoutOptions class. This property is used to get or set ITextShaperFactory implementation used for Advanced Typography rendering features. How does this feature work? It’s very simple. Please check … Continue Reading

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Set ODS Background with Aspose.Cells for Android via Java v19.6

We are thrilled to present you all the exciting features, improvements and other fixes of Aspose.Cells for Android via Java v19.6. The new release includes new features, enhancements and other bug fixes that further improve the overall stability and usability of the Android API. You may check the release notes in order to get an idea about what is new and what has been fixed with this revision of Aspose.Cells for Android via Java. Let us start reviewing what … Continue Reading

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Convert Excel to PDF in PHP – Track Conversion Progress

Need to track conversion process while huge Excel files are being converted to PDF? Get the latest enhanced version of Aspose.Cells for PHP via Java 19.8 to use this exciting feature by adding just a few lines of codes. We present an updated and enhanced version of Aspose.Cells for PHP via Java v19.8. This time we have added new features for processing the ODS file background to create more user-friendly output files having color and image in the background. We Continue Reading

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.NET Standard 1.3 version Discontinued in Aspose.BarCode for .NET 19.7

Process of up-gradation and performance improvement is going on and on for Aspose.BarCode and here we are with a new version of Aspose.BarCode for .NET 19.7. We have removed the support for older versions of .NET standard 1.3 and compact version also which is very less used nowadays. You can get a list of all the changes and upgradations in the release notes for this new version.

Discontinue support for .NET Standard 1.3

We have discontinued the support for … Continue Reading

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Convert PUB to PDF in C# using Aspose.PUB for .NET

PUB (Publisher) file format is used for professional designs like newsletters, brochures and posters. They may also be used to integrate and store data sources for mail merges and generating datasheets. Since Aspose has been offering file format APIs specialized to perform inter-file format conversions, perform operations over files like creation, edition, manipulation, etc. –  we are honored to announce an upcoming API i.e. Aspose.PUB for .NET. By the name of this API, it is easy to guess this … Continue Reading

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Improved image rendering for HTML documents

Image rendering is one of the most widely used feature of Aspose.HTML for .NET API. We have further enhanced this feature with latest release. It enables you to render high fidelity images of your HTML documents. Another amazing addition in Aspose.HTML for .NET API is the support for CSS Drop Shadows. We have also resolved some problems related to text alignment in table cells. Few internal bug fixes have been incorporated and an error pertaining to MHT to XPS conversion … Continue Reading

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Aspose.Words for SharePoint Upgraded to Aspose.Words for .NET 19.8

We are really delighted to announce the release of version 19.8 of the Aspose.Words for SharePoint API. This release inherits some very exciting features to enhance the usability of the API. This version sees the codebase better tweaked and the core functionality closer to Aspose.Words for .NET 19.8, which is the base product that Aspose.Words for SharePoint 19.8 is ported from.

We recommend you to download the latest release and check out all the features introduced in the base Aspose.Words … Continue Reading

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Convert HTML to PDF in .NET Desktop and Web Application

HTML to PDF Conversion has its own significance among conversions of different file formats into one another. You can convert HTML to PDF using different applications, tools and online services available. But, we are talking here about converting HTML to PDF programmatically. Yes, we are talking about automation of the entire process. How about the idea of including this feature into your own desktop/web application by using a few lines of code, isn’t it exciting? Aspose.PDF for .NET offers not … Continue Reading

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Enhanced PowerPoint Shapes Capabilities using Aspose.Slides for .NET, Java and C++

Here comes new release of Aspose.Slides 19.8 for .NET, Java and C++, which contains a lot of new features. In this blog, we will explore different enhanced features improving PowerPoint shapes capabilities. The shapes in a presentation could be distinguished by the Alternative Text or Shape Name property. The Alternative Text property can be read or set by using Aspose.Slides as well as Microsoft PowerPoint. By using this property, one can tag a shape and can perform different operations; such … Continue Reading

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Create and Modify VBA Macros in Word Documents using C#

Aspose.Words for .NET logo

It is our pleasure to announce the September release of Aspose.Words for .NET. We have included quite exciting features and enhancements in this release. Now, you can generate reports using LINQ Reporting with data sources like XML, JSON, and CSV. Working with VBA macro code, programmatically create repeating section content control, link custom document property to bookmark and many other features have been included in this release. let’s check out what this release offers and how to use newly … Continue Reading

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