gzip Compression Format Supported by Aspose.ZIP for .NET 19.8

Guys, let’s check out what’s new for you in Aspose.ZIP for .NET 19.8 release.

Retrieve gzip Archive Name

The following code example shows how to open an archive from a stream and retrieve its name.

Compress into a .gz Archive

The following code example shows how to compress a file using GZipArchive instance.

Open gzip Archive for Processing

The following code example shows how to open a gzip archive.

Moreover, to learn how to extract/copy a .gz file into a MemoryStream, please refer to the following article:
Working with gzip Archives

Extraction of Huge Size Archives Supported

Previously, Aspose.ZIP for .NET API was unable to extract a .zip archive with huge size when it contains several entries and compressed size of first entry is above 4 GB. We have fixed this issue in Aspose.ZIP for .NET API 19.8.

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