Java OMR API – Perform OMR Operations using Aspose.OMR for Java

Aspose.OMR has been available for .NET Platform and receiving appreciation since its first release. We are honored to announce its upcoming release for Java Platforms. Aspose.OMR for Java is on its way to get released with an exciting set of features which will let Java developers to implement OMR functionality in their applications. Now you can enable your Java applications to read questionnaires, bubble sheets, multiple-choice answer sheets or any survey programmatically. Let’s have a sneak peak into first version availability time and features it will be offering.

Initial Features in Java OMR API

Aspose.OMR for Java will be released with basic features set which is already part of .NET API. Following list summarizes all the features it will be serving its users with:

  • Recognition of scanned images and photos
  • Ability to process rotated and perspective (side viewed) images
  • Recognize data from tests, exams, questionnaires, surveys, etc.
  • High accuracy rate
  • GUI for correcting complex cases
  • Export the results to CSV file format

First Version Availability

With great efforts, Aspose.OMR for Java is now at the final stage of getting released publicly. We will be very happy to announce its first release and see you soon with an update blog. Keep yourself in touch with us by subscribing to our blog and feel free to let us know about your queries via our forums.