Free Aspose Consulting Projects Service gets Positive Response from our Customers

Just about three months ago on 1st August 2019, we launched our free Aspose consulting projects service. We have got positive response and good feedback from our customers on this service. So far, during this short period, we have got 15 requests for consulting projects with interesting use cases. This helps us understand that many of our customers wanted help with our APIs in a different way and we reached out to them.

We have received many requests which were very interesting use cases and it was fun for us as well to work with those scenarios. A few of these interesting use cases include creating a web viewer for PowerPoint presentation using Aspose.Slides, add zigzag line to a PDF file using Aspose.PDF, replace URL in email body using Aspose.Email, create an image from text information using Aspose.Slides. These are only a few of such interesting use cases and we’re working on some other as well.

If you think, you have some ideas or planned some products which you want to build using Aspose APIs, please do share the scenario in which you want to use file format APIs and we’ll build a free proof of concept for you to kick start your project. You can then build upon that.

Please do consider the prerequisites for a free consulting project before posting your request. If you have to report a bug or a feature request for our APIs then our file format libraries forums are the best place to ask, where our dedicated team helps you out and replies you with in 12 hours of your query. Please also keep updated with all the developments we’re doing with the file format APIs in our blogs.

We’re looking forward to your unique use case built upon our file format APIs and will be happy to serve you!