Create Repeating Section Content Control by using Aspose.Words for C++ 19.9

Today, I will highlight the major features introduced in the Aspose.Words for C++ 19.9 release:

Create Repeating Section Content Controls in Word Document

The repeating section content control allows repeating the content contained within it. Using Aspose.Words for C++ 19.9, the structured document tag nodes of the repeating section and repeating section item types can be created and for this purpose, SdtType enumeration type provides RepeatingSectionItem property. The following code example demonstrates how to Bind a Repeating Section Content Control in Word Document to a Table.

Link Custom Document Property to Bookmark

‘Aspose.Words for C++’ API now provides a method CustomDocumentProperties.addLinkToContent(String, String) to create a new ‘linked to content’ custom document property which returns the newly created property object or null if the link source is invalid. The following code example demonstrates how to Configure the Link to a Content Custom Property.

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