Perform OCR on images in C++ Applications using Aspose.OCR for C++

OCR (optical character recognition) is the recognition of written or printed text and it is widely used functionality. Reading images which have textual content has now been common and essential requirement for many businesses. We at Aspose are honored to announce upcoming release of Aspose.OCR for C++. Now you will be able to use Aspose.OCR in C++ applications to implement the OCR functionality. Following section offers some insights into initial API features and news about its first version availability.

Initial Features of the API

First version of the API will offer all basic features which Aspose.OCR for .NET has been offering. An upgraded OCR engine will be part of the API with which high performance can be achieved. You will be able to recognize textual content over the images and apply different filters during OCR operation. The OCR functionality and its engine would definitely be upgraded in future releases of the API.

First Version Availability

The API is on its final stage of launch and we have been working on completing all integration tests. As soon as all tests and related tasks are completed, we will announce its first release. In order to stay updated about new API releases, please stay tuned. Feel free to let us know if you have any inquiry or request about any feature in the API. We will be back soon with another update.