TrueType font (TTF) indicates that font data is the same as in the TrueType fonts. CFF stands for the Type1 font format. Strictly speaking, it refers to the Compact Font Format, which is used in the compression processes. Dealing with such fonts programmatically i.e. Reading them and Getting their Statistics is an essential requirement while creating e-documents. Aspose is proudly going to release Aspose.Font for .NET to let programmers deal with fonts in their .NET applications. Aspose.Font is going to become a new member of Aspose APIs Family and with its introduction, the product catalog of Aspose will be extending elegantly. Let’s have a peek inside what this new API will be offering in its first release and when you will be able to use it in your applications.

Initial Features of Aspose.Font for .NET

The first release of Aspose.Font for .NET API will be compiled for the following .NET Frameworks:

  • 2.0
  • 3.5
  • 3.5 Client profile
  • 4.0
  • 4.0 Client profile

It will provide the capability to read fonts (TTF and CFF) as well as their statistics. You will be looking at a complete guide on how to use Aspose.Font for .NET in your applications with the help of full-fledged working code samples in C#.NET. The first version of the API would also offer a feature to draw simple text using desired colors with Aspose.Font API.

Availability of First Version

Dealing with Fonts and their glyphs to map dimensions and colors is not a trivial task and it definitely needs a significant amount of time to get it completed. Well, the good news is that API is on its final stage to get published with consolidated functionality. It is intended to be released at the end of this year (2019) or at the start of the year 2020. We encourage you to drop your inquiries about Aspose.Font in its support forum and don’t miss any new update by subscribing to our blog. We really hope to see you soon with the new update of the API.