Not long ago, Google announced AMP HTML email. And now it is already supported by Aspose.Email. It was added in Aspose.Email for .NET 19.10 Release and you can already update your version to check out the advantages of AMP HTML emails support.

Use AMP HTML for emails

AMP (Accelerated Mobile Pages) is a developer’s package from Google that allows developing a lightweight system with more rapid loads. AMP is a framework made up of HTML, JavaScript and CSS, which are the standard to provide a user-first format for web content.
By using parts of Google’s AMP Project for email, we presently possess a plenty list of components to be used. The primary advantage of this approach is to increase message download speed, that is critical while working with users. So right now all customers of Aspose.Email can use AMP HTML to provide the same familiar messages but a little bit faster.

Find more about AMP HTML update.👈

HTML to Text conversion improvements

While working with HTML emails there is one typical task - HTML to Text conversion.
It’s a common case to send a plain-text version of your HTML email or collect it in text, but writing it from scratch can be tedious. Therefore, to avoid difficulties with that, you can apply conversion functions of our library. This feature exists a lot of time, but now we have made some improvements, which will improve your user experience.

This release has provided more accurate HTML to Text conversion

Check the example here.👈

SMTP and IMAP servers access improvements

Using AMP HTML emails and Text is useful while working with emails, but sometimes you need to access SMTP and IMAP servers to process them. To do it, you should use OAuth. This approach is implemented frequently in modern applications, and it is supported by Aspose.Email for a long time.

There is no limit to perfection, so we are constantly improving features to improve user interaction with our library - EWS client now supports OAuth authentication. OAuth supports different ways for retrieving an access token, and Microsoft may change them. Therefore a customer may implement a simple interface of a token provider by himself to make the code more general-purpose.

_Find more example here._👈

You can find more enhancements here Aspose.Email for .NET 19.10 Release Notes.