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December 2019

25% off Aspose.Total

25% off Aspose.Total

Get 25% off Aspose.Total for .NET, Java, C++, Android via Java, SharePoint, SSRS and JasperReports.

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Product News

Product News

Product News

Aspose.OCR - coming soon for C++

Aspose.OCR has been available for .NET and Java Platforms and receiving appreciation since its first release. We are honored to announce its upcoming release for C++ Platform. First version of the API will offer all basic features which Aspose.OCR for .NET has been offering. An upgraded OCR engine will be part of the API with which high performance can be achieved. You will be able to recognize textual content over the images and apply different filters during OCR operation. [Read more details here][5].

First version of Aspose.Tasks for C++ has been released

Aspose.Tasks for C++ is a native Project Management Library for C++ developers to load, create, manipulate and save Microsoft Project documents to multiple formats without using Microsoft Project or Office Automation. API exposes project data for reporting in a number of ways including Gantt Chart, Task Usage, Resource Usage, and Resource Sheet among many others. The C++ project management library offers complete project planning, definition, and tracking capabilities allowing the developers to create and load tasks as well as assign or remove resources to or from tasks from their own applications. [Read more details here][6].

Aspose.Font for .NET is coming soon

Dealing with Fonts and their glyphs to map dimensions and colors is not a trivial task and it definitely needs a significant amount of time to get it completed. Aspose.Font for .NET will help programmers deal with fonts in their .NET applications with ease. The first version is going to be released soon, and It will provide the capability to read fonts (TTF and CFF) as well as their statistics. [Read more details here][7].

AMP HTML Emails are now supported by Aspose.Email

AMP (Accelerated Mobile Pages) is a developer’s package from Google that allows developing a lightweight system with more rapid loads. AMP is a framework made up of HTML, JavaScript and CSS, which are the standard to provide a user-first format for web content. By using parts of Google’s AMP Project for email, we presently possess a plenty list of components to be used. The primary advantage of this approach is to increase message download speed, that is critical while working with users. So right now all customers of Aspose.Email can use AMP HTML to provide the same familiar messages but a little bit faster. [Read more details here][8].

Create 7Z Archive Files with LZMA Compression using Aspose.ZIP for .NET

7z is an archiving format for compressing files and folders with a high compression ratio. It is based on Open Source architecture which makes it possible to use any compression and encryption algorithms. The 7z archive composition is now implemented with Lempel–Ziv–Markov chain algorithm LZMA compression in Aspose.ZIP for .NET. [Read more details here][9].

Generate Swiss QR Code with Aspose.BarCode for .NET

One of the important usages of Swiss QR Code is to replace the previous payment slips. For this purpose, detailed information is required to trigger payments and process the QR invoices. Aspose.BarCode has provided all those necessary payment information by introducing new classes SwissQRBill and SwissQRCodetext which provide a large number of properties required to work with the Swiss QR Codes. [Read more details here][10].

Work with Web Extensions and Task Panes with Aspose.Words

Web Extensions add additional functionality to MS Office applications to improve the user experience and productivity. Aspose.Words API provides the WebExtensions namespace that provides various classes to customize elements and attributes extending the XML vocabulary for representing Office Add-ins. You can now use Aspose.Words for .NET and Java to work with Task Panes in Office Add-ins and Web Extensions. [Read more details here][11].

From the Library

From the Library

From the Library

Code Example: Track conversion progress of Excel files with Aspose.Cells for .NET

Suppose you are working with large Excel files and converting them to other formats. Sometimes it might take a lot of time for conversion and you want your users to be aware of the progress. No worries!!! The latest release has provided the demanded feature to check the conversion progress of MS Excel files. The IPageSavingCallback interface provides PageStartSaving and PageEndSaving methods that you can implement in your custom class. [Read more details here][12].

Code Example: Set Prompt Text in a Placeholder with Aspose.Slides for C++

A Prompt Text is a content that shows up in a content field when it is first loaded, however, it disappears when a client begins composing the content field. Standard and pre-built layouts contain placeholders with default text like Click to add a title or Click to add subtitle. With Aspose.Slides, you can now add custom Prompt Text by accessing the default placeholders. [Read more details here][13].

Code Example: Convert Word documents to multipage TIFF images with Aspose.Words for C++

One of the useful things you may need to do with your Word document (such as DOCX, DOC, RTF and many more) is a conversion to image file(s). For example if you have to present your Word document in a readable and printable but not editable format (e.g. for a publication on the Web). One of the simple approaches you could use is a conversion to a multipage TIFF file. [Read more details here][14].

Code Example: Read the whole length of the barcode with Aspose.BarCode for .NET

There was an issue while reading whole length of the barcode as the whole text was not read and the partial text was returned by the Aspose.BarCode API. A detailed investigation was done and it was observed that current wiped bar restoration works for NBase only, and need changes which could be implemented for WBase based barcodes. Another problem was the absence of checksum in Code39 barcodes, which was not allowing to check if the result is correct. All these issues were resolved by enabling the wiped bars option. [Read more details here][15].

Code Example: Format horizontal rule with Aspose.Words for .NET

In previous versions of Aspose.Words, you could add the horizontal rule using DocumentBuilder.InsertHorizontalRule method, however, formatting of the horizontal rule was not supported. We have added Shape.HorizontalRuleFormat property and a public class HorizontalRuleFormat in the latest release to format the horizontal rule. You can set height, width, color, alignment, and 3D shading of the horizontal rule. [Read more details here][16].

Code Example: Implement bicubic re-sampling with Aspose.PSD for .NET

Re-sampling means you ought to change the pixel dimensions of an image. When you down-sample, you are actually eliminating pixels and therefore deleting information and details from your image. When you up-sample, you are adding pixels and enhancing details. Photoshop adds these pixels by using interpolation. To know how to do the same with Aspose.PSD for .NET, check. [this example][17].




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