This month much attention was paid to fix as many issues as possible. As a result, 95 improvements and fixes (including 8 Enterprise Support and 14 Priority Support issues among them) were included in this regular monthly release. Totally 148 issues have been processed.

A big milestone has been reached by our Rendering Team – conversion to PDF 1.7 standard is now supported and has become the main (default) format for output PDF files. In the future, it should allow embedding OpenType fonts into PDF.

The Model/Conversions Team has delivered a few new features:

  • User-installed fonts are now supported by using SystemFontSource on Windows10.
  • New properties of Bookmark have been made public.
  • OLE object data is exposed to public API.
  • Added ability to save images as WMF upon converting to RTF.

Aspose.Words .NET/Layout team reported that the kerning feature finally works on Java platform, also some fixes related to paragraph rules and footnote balancing were accomplished.

Access to related DataTable using relation name for LINQ Reporting Engine is now supported in Aspose.Words for Reporting Engines.

SkiaSharp was updated to the latest stable version – you will enjoy the high quality of rendered output on .NET Standard, Android, MAC and iOS platforms.