XPS Document Manipulation API for C++

While everyone is waiting for the New Year and preparing for the celebrations, we are preparing to bring something new for the C++ developers. Yes, we are going to release our XPS document creation and manipulation API for C++ as Aspose.Page for C++. So now, you will be able to create, read, edit, save and convert the XPS documents programmatically in your C++ based applications. In addition to the manipulation and processing of XPS documents, Aspose.Page for C++ will also support the conversion of XPS as well as PS and EPS documents to PDF or raster images.

So let’s have a glance at some salient features of Aspose.Page for C++ you are going to get in the first version of the API.

C++ XPS API - Salient Features

The XPS (XML Paper Specification) format is quite similar to the PDF format and it is used to create, view, and share the content. Based on the XML Paper Specifications (by Microsoft), an XPS document uses XML markups for the layout, appearance, and the printing information of a document. Aspose.Page for C++ aims to automate this process for you by introducing a set of features to create, edit, save and convert the XPS documents.

Create or Modify XPS Documents

Aspose.Page for C++ will allow you to create XPS documents from scratch or update and modify the existing ones. Using the API, you will be able to:

  • create and modify XPS documents,
  • add or delete pages from XPS documents,
  • work with elements like canvases, paths, and glyphs,
  • create and manipulate vector graphics shapes and text strings,
  • select from a variety of brushes along with different color spaces for editing,
  • use multiple document elements within the same XPS Package for cross-package operations,
  • add and manipulate print tickets,
  • and more.

Convert XPS to PDF or Raster Images

Aspose.Page for C++ will provide you with the following conversion options for the XPS documents:

  • Convert XPS to PDF
  • Convert XPS to PDF with desired JPEG quality
  • Convert XPS to PDF with text and image compression
  • Convert selected pages of XPS to PDF
  • Convert XPS to JPG, PNG, BMP, or TIFF

PS and EPS Conversion Features

Aspose.Page for C++ will also support the following features for PS and EPS PostScript formats:

  • Convert PS or EPS to PDF
  • Convert PS or EPS to JPG, PNG, BMP, and TIFF
  • Convert EPS to EMF, GIF, and WMF

Well, this was a brief overview of the features we are going to package in the first version of Aspose.Page for C++. We are currently finalizing the release and hope to roll it out for you very soon. Please stay tuned to our blog for the next announcement about the said API.