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HTML to PDF C# Conversion using .NET API

There are various scenarios when you need to perform HTML to PDF conversion. For example, you may want to convert a web page to PDF from within your application or you may need to generate PDF from the content of a WYSIWYG HTML editor. Another scenario could be converting the HTML page from a specific URL to PDF. In order to deal with such cases, you will learn how to convert HTML to PDF in C#. The HTML content could be a .html file or a web page from a URL.
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Protect or Unprotect Word Documents Programmatically using C#

Microsoft Word supports a variety of protection features to protect the whole Word document or some parts of the document. Document protection comes into practice when you need to share the document with another person or party. In such cases, you may want to limit the third party’s access or permissions. On the other hand, you can also specify a password to avoid unauthorized access to the document. This article is also comprised of some easy ways to protect Word Continue Reading

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Add and Verify Digital Signatures in PDF Documents using C#

Digital Signatures are used to secure PDF documents before they are shared with third parties. Digitally signing a PDF document makes it possible to detect tampering by verifying the document using the digital signature. In order to secure the PDF documents programmatically using digital signatures, this article will show you how to add and verify digital signatures in a PDF document using C#. Ultimately, you will learn how to:

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ASP.NET PowerPoint Viewer – Display PowerPoint Presentations in ASP.NET

Display PPT PPTX in ASP.NET Core

Are you looking for a PowerPoint Viewer to view or embed presentations in your ASP.NET Core web application? If yes, continue to read this article and learn how to create a simple ASP.NET Core PowerPoint Viewer and display PPT/PPTX presentations using C#. So let’s begin.

Features of ASP.NET PowerPoint Viewer

Our ASP.NET PowerPoint Viewer will use Aspose.Slides for .NET API to render the presentation slides as PNG images. Once the slides are rendered, we’ll display them using the Bootstrap … Continue Reading

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Convert Word DOC/DOCX to PDF in Java

Convert Word to PDF in Java

Word to PDF conversion is commonly used before the documents are shared. Various online Word to PDF converters are available that allow you to convert single or a limited number of Word documents. However, with emerging MS Word automation and report generation solutions, automated Word to PDF conversion has become an essential part of the systems. Furthermore, the batch conversion of DOC/DOCX to PDF needs to be done automatically to minimize the time and effort. Keeping an eye on such … Continue Reading

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Read, Add, Update or Remove Slide Notes in PowerPoint Presentations using C#

read add update and remove slide notes in PowerPoint using C# .NET

Slide notes in the PowerPoint presentations are used to add references for the presenter to recall the important points during the presentation. These notes can be added to every slide of a PowerPoint presentation. This article also covers some important aspects of dealing with slide notes in presentations programmatically.

After reading this article, you will be able to:

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Find and Replace Text in Excel Spreadsheets using C#

The Excel spreadsheets have minimized the efforts required to keep the huge data and perform complex calculations automatically. Excel automation was the next big achievement that has streamlined the way of creating Excel spreadsheets and performing a variety of operations on the data programmatically.

Finding and replacing text in Excel is one of the frequently performed operations in Excel automation. Therefore, in this article, I will show you how to find and replace text in large Excel spreadsheets programmatically in … Continue Reading

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Create, Edit, Read and Convert SVG Files using C# – Aspose.SVG for .NET

C# SVG API, Create edit convert SVG files

Its time to announce the addition of the C# SVG library to our product line – Aspose.SVG for .NET. It is a .NET class library that lets you create, edit, read and convert SVG files programmatically using C# in .NET or .NET Core based applications. Let’s have a quick walk through the installation methods and salient features of the API.

C# .NET SVG API – Installation

Aspose.SVG for .NET DLL can be downloaded from our Downloads section. On the … Continue Reading

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Convert PowerPoint PPT or PPTX to PDF using C#

PowerPoint PPT PPTX to PDF

Are you looking for a reliable yet easy solution for converting PowerPoint PPT or PPTX to PDF? Do you want to accurately convert PowerPoint presentations to PDF with high quality? If yes then you are at the right place because, in this article, I am going to showcase a bunch of features to seamlessly convert PowerPoint PPT to PDF or PPTX to PDF programmatically in C#.

This article is composed of the following PowerPoint to PDF conversion features.… Continue Reading

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Convert PowerPoint PPT/PPTX to JPG Images in C#

Convert PowerPoint to Image

There could be various scenarios when you need to convert PowerPoint PPT or PPTX to JPG images. For example, you may need to slide show the PPT/PPTX presentation in read-only mode within your application or you may want to generate the thumbnail for every slide of the PowerPoint presentation and etc. In order to automate PowerPoint to JPG conversion, I’ll show you how to convert PPT or PPTX slides to JPG images programmatically in C# .NET.


You may want … Continue Reading

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