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Create Clipping Path in TIFF Images using C#

Clipping Path is a closed vector path used to select a part of the image that should be visible. Once the clipping path is created, the part of the image outside the clipping path becomes transparent or invisible. In Adobe Photoshop, the clipping path technique is most often used to remove the background from the images and photographs. In this article, you will learn how to create a clipping path in TIFF images programmatically using C#. Furthermore, you’ll come to … Continue Reading

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Split MS Word Documents using C#

Split Word Documents

MS Word documents are widely used to keep and share information. In some cases, you may need to split the data from a Word document that could be located in different sections or pages. Also, you may need to split the pages of a single document into multiple documents. In accordance with such scenarios, this article aims to show you how to split MS Word documents programmatically using C#.

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Create OMR Sheet Checker or Scanner Software in C#

Optical Mark Recognition, abbreviated as OMR, is frequently used to assess questionnaires, surveys, and other information collection standards. In this article, you can learn how to create and check the OMR question and bubble answer sheets using C# language in a .NET application. We will explore the following approaches briefly:

OMR Template Creator and Checker API – Installation
Create OMR Question Sheet Template, Image, and PDF File using C#
Perform OMR on Multiple Choice Bubble Answer Sheet Images using C#Continue Reading

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Create MS Word Documents (DOC/DOCX) using C++

Create Word Documents in C++

Aspose.Words is a feature-rich collection of APIs that lets you create, edit, and convert MS Word documents programmatically. It provides a wide range of basic as well as advanced features for manipulating word processing documents. In this article, you will learn how to use Aspose.Words for C++ and create MS Word documents from scratch using C++. The step by step guide as well as code samples will let you know how to insert text, images, tables, lists, and other elements in Word documents.

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Convert MS Excel Files to HTML using Python

Excel to HTML Python

MS Excel files are very much in business for storing, organizing, and analyzing a large amount of data. In certain cases, developers also prefer to use Excel files instead of a database to keep the records. However, in order to view the data in Excel files, you need to install MS Excel. Furthermore, you can not view the content of the Excel files from within your applications. Excel to HTML conversion is one of the possible solutions in such cases. … Continue Reading

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Convert Word to HTML MHTML Programmatically using C++

HTML format is popular because it is supported on almost all computer environments. WORD to HTML or MHTML conversion is helpful in scenarios like when you need to display such a file in a web application using C++. Aspose.Words for C++ API is the best choice because of its features and efficiency. You can enrich your C++ applications with the ability to convert Microsoft Word files (DOC/DOCX) to HTML or MHTML format. Following is an outline of this article where … Continue Reading

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Create MS Excel Files using Python – Python Excel API

Create Excel Files in Python

Python has become one of the ruling programming languages in the past few years. The usefulness and popularity of Python have immensely grown the community of Python enthusiasts. On the other hand, spreadsheet automation has made it easier to keep, organize, and play with a large amount of data from within the web or desktop applications. This article aims to put together Python and spreadsheet automation to show you how to create Excel XSLX or XLS files using Python. … Continue Reading

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Merge PowerPoint Presentations using C# or VB.NET

Merge PowerPoint files in C#

Merging PowerPoint presentations can be useful in various scenarios such as combining content from multiple PPT/PPTX, merging parts of a single presentation created by two or more people, and etc. The manual way of copying/pasting the content may not be suitable when dealing with a number of presentations. Therefore, this article lets the .NET developers learn how to merge PowerPoint presentations programmatically using C#.

TIP: You may be interested in trying out a web viewer app for presentationsContinue Reading

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Insert or Delete Comments in Word (DOCX/DOC) using Java

Comments are used in word documents, DOCX or DOC, for suggesting improvements and modifications. Let us explore how to insert comments as well as deleting or removing comments programmatically using Java. You can add author name, initials, comment text, date, and time based on your requirements. We will be performing all of these tasks using Aspose.Words for Java API.

Here we will be learning following use cases related to comments in word documents:

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Convert Excel Files to PDF using Java

Convert Excel to PDF Java

Excel to PDF conversion might be required in various scenarios for exporting tabular data from worksheets to PDF pages. In this article, you’ll learn how to convert Excel files to PDF using Java in order to automate XLS/XLSX to PDF conversion within your web or desktop applications.

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