Split PDF into Multiple Files using C#

In the previous article, you have seen how to merge multiple PDF files into a single PDF. However, there could be a case when you need to split a single PDF file into multiple files. You can either split each page of the PDF or a collection of pages into multiple PDFs. In this article, you will learn how to cope up with such scenarios and split a PDF file into multiple PDFs using C#.

C# API to Split PDF – Free Download

Aspose.PDF for .NET is a powerful PDF file manipulation API that lets you create, edit, and process PDF documents from within your .NET applications. In addition, the API allows you to split a single PDF into multiple files with high fidelity. You can download the API’s DLL or get it installed using NuGet.

PM> Install-Package Aspose.Pdf

Split a PDF File using C#

The PDF splitting criteria can vary as per your requirements. You can either split the document by each page or a collection of pages. First, let’s see how to split every page of a PDF file.

The following code sample shows how to split a PDF document using C#.

Split Selected Pages of PDF using C#

You can also split the PDF by specifying the range of pages. For example, you can split the first or last N number pages, the even or odd pages, and etc. For the demonstration, the following are the steps to split even and odd pages from the PDF.

The following code sample shows how to split a collection of pages from PDF.


In this article, you have learned how to split the PDF files using C#. The code samples demonstrated how to split every page or a collection of pages in a PDF to separate files. You can explore more about the .NET PDF API using the documentation.

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