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Generate PDF Files using Java – Java PDF API

PDF has become a commonly used file format for creating different types of documents. Various industries have adopted PDF automation for document generation such as receipts, invoices, business reports, etc. Keeping an eye on such scenarios, this article covers how to create PDF documents programmatically from within Java applications. Ultimately, you will learn how to create a PDF file from scratch and insert text, images, tables, and other elements into it.

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Insert Gradient, Grid, or Transparent Objects in XPS File with C++

XPS files can be used to display a lot of visual information. They support text, images, object transparency, grids, gradients, and many other features. You can add gradients, grids, and transparent objects in XPS files as per your requirements. In this article, we will be exploring these features in detail, along with different examples and use cases.

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Create PowerPoint Presentations using C++

MS PowerPoint is a feature-rich application that lets you create attractive presentations having text, graphics, animations, charts, and several other elements. In this post, you will learn how to implement the basic PowerPoint automation features within the C++ applications. Particularly, you will come to know how to create PowerPoint presentations and add text, images, charts, and tables to the slides using C++.

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Insert Text or Image in XPS File Programmatically using C++

You can create, edit, or manipulate XPS files easily. Moreover, you can control the contents and their position as per your requirements. You can insert an image or text in XPS files programmatically using C++ language.

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Convert Excel Files to HTML using Java

Excel spreadsheets allow you to store and well organize the data in tabular form. You can perform computations as well as generate different types of graphs and charts in order to analyze the data. However, in various scenarios, you may need to carry out Excel to HTML conversion to convert worksheets to HTML pages. For example, when embedding the content of the spreadsheets into web pages. In accordance with that, this article aims to cover how to convert Excel XLSX files to HTML programmatically using Java.

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Add or Remove Shapes in PowerPoint Slides using C#

Shapes are a fine way of making your PowerPoint presentations more elaborative and appealing. PowerPoint provides a wide range of shapes that you can add to your presentation slides i.e. ellipses, lines, rectangles, connectors, and so on. In order to automate this feature, this article covers how to add, clone, and remove shapes in PowerPoint slides programmatically using C#.

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Convert PLT to PDF or JPEG Image Programmatically in C#

PLT is a vector-based format used for plotter machines. However, only a few applications support this format so you might need to convert to more compatible formats as per your requirements. You can convert PLT files to PDF, PNG, or JPEG images with few quick and simple steps.

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Find and Replace Text in PDF using C#

The find and replace option makes it possible to replace a particular piece of text in a document in one go. This way, you do not have to locate and update each occurrence of the text in the whole document manually. This article even goes one step further and covers how to automate find and replace text feature in PDF documents. Particularly, you will learn how to find and replace text in a whole PDF, a particular page, or a page region using C#.

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Split HTML Webpage into Multiple Files Programmatically using C#

HTML files are usually used to display information on websites or web applications. It is actually a mark-up text which lets you format the text as well. Sometimes HTML files are quite big because they might contain a lot of data including text, images, charts, diagrams, and many other contents. You may need to split HTML files under different requirements or use cases.

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Add or Modify VBA Macros in Excel Files using C#

VBA (Visual Basic for Applications) is a programming language that is used in MS Excel files in order to automate the spreadsheets related operations. VBA macros are used to write user-defined functions that let you speed up the tasks you have to perform manually. In this article, you will learn how to work with VBA macros in MS Excel files programmatically. By the end of this article, you will be able to extract, add, and modify VBA macros in Excel workbooks using C#.

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