Convert HTML Webpage to Word File (DOCX/DOC) using C#

Convert HTML to Word DOCX

HTML files are frequently used to create, edit, or communicate a lot of information. Likewise, Microsoft Word files including DOCX and DOC are also famous because of various features. You can convert HTML webpage files to word files, DOCX or DOC, with great fidelity. In this article, you will learn how to convert HTML to Word DOCX/DOC in C#. Let us take a quick overview of the following use cases here:

C# HTML to Word DOCX/DOC Converter – Installation

Aspose.HTML for .NET API supports a lot of HTML creation, manipulation, and conversion features. A prominent feature is HTML to DOCX/DOC conversion. You can easily configure the API by downloading it from the New Releases section, or install it from NuGet with the following command:

PM> Install-Package Aspose.Html

Convert HTML Webpage to Word DOCX/DOC using C#

Let us explore HTML to Word DOCX/DOC conversion from a simple use case. We will be creating a basic HTML file and then perform the conversion. You need to follow the following steps for converting HTML to Word file (DOCX/DOC) in C#:

  1. Write a simple HTML file
  2. Load input HTML file
  3. Initialize DocSaveOptions object
  4. Convert HTML webpage to Word DOCX

The code below shows how to convert HTML webpage to word file like DOCX/DOC:

Convert HTML to Word using Advanced Options in C#

Let us move another step further. You can change the size of page, margins, background color and other properties using DocSaveOptions object. All of these options contribute to greater control on how the files are converted. This can help you achieve your requirements without caring about underlying file formats. You should follow the below steps for converting HTML to DOCX with advanced options using C#:

  1. Load input HTML file
  2. Initialize DocSaveOptions object
  3. Specify page size in inches
  4. Call ConvertHTML method for HTML to Word DOCX conversion

The below code is based on above steps which show how to convert HTML to Word DOCX file in C#:


In this article, we have explored HTML to Word (DOCX/DOC) conversion programmatically using C#. Moreover, you may visit the Documentation Section or API References for further analysis. In case of any ambiguity or concern, please write to us at Free Support Forum.

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