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Split MS Word Documents using Java

In various cases, you need to split an MS Word document into multiple documents. For example, you may need to create a separate document for each page, section, or a collection of pages in a Word document. In order to automate the document splitting, this article covers how to split MS Word documents programmatically using Java. The following sections provide a step by step tutorial and code samples of the above-mentioned splitting criteria.

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Convert EMF or WMF to SVG Programmatically using C#

WMF is abbreviated for Windows MetaFile while EMF is an improved version, known as Enhanced MetaFile. These metafiles are frequently used for printing purposes. You can easily convert EMF or WMF to SVG image file format as per your requirements.

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Convert Excel Files to Images using C++

There can be many reasons for converting Excel files to images like adding images to web pages, PDFs, Word Documents, PowerPoint Presentations, etc. In this article, we will learn how to convert Excel files to images with C++.

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Add Watermark to Images using Java

Watermark is a convenient way of protecting the content and claiming the copyrights. By applying a watermark to digital documents or images, you can avoid unauthorized usage or theft. In accordance with that, this article covers how to automate watermarking feature for images within Java applications. Particularly, you will learn how to add watermark to images using Java. This can be useful especially when you need to add a watermark to a batch of images.

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Convert PLT to PDF or Image Programmatically using Java

PLT format files are vector-based files that are used by plotter printers. These files ensure precision and accuracy in printing jobs. However, you can convert a PLT file to PDF programmatically using Java language. The PDF format file is device independent thus making your file compatible with a lot of platforms and system environments.

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Add, Remove, Extract and Replace Images in PDF using C#

A picture is worth a thousand words. Therefore, images and graphics play an important role in PDF as well as other documents. Since PDF has become one of the most popular and widely used file formats, this article targets how to manipulate images in PDF files programmatically. More precisely, you will learn how to add, extract, remove, and replace images from PDF files using C#.

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Convert (MD) Markdown to PDF or Image in Java

You can convert MD files to different formats as per your requirements. Aspose.HTML for Java API supports working with markdown files. You do not need to take care of minor details of the file formats. Instead, simple API calls can be used to create, edit or manipulate the supported file formats.

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Convert MS Visio Diagrams to PDF using C#

MS Visio is a widely used application for creating a multitude of diagrams such as flowcharts, business flow diagrams, etc. However, in various cases, you may need to convert the diagram files to other file formats. For example, when sharing the diagrams you can convert them to a PDF file. On the other hand, you can convert a diagram to an image for embedding it into your web or desktop application. In this article, we will target Visio diagram to PDF conversion programmatically. Particularly, you will learn how to convert VSDX or VSD files to PDF using C#.

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Convert Excel Files to PDF using C++

PDF format is widely used to exchange documents among the stakeholders. In various cases, the documents are converted to PDF format before they are shared. Thus, PDF is known to be a standard file format in such cases. In this article, we will target Excel to PDF conversion for C++ applications. Particularly, you will learn how to convert Excel XLSX or XLS workbooks to PDF files using C++.

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Create PowerPoint Presentations using Java

PowerPoint presentations let you create attractive slide slows containing text, graphics, charts, animations, and other elements to make your presentations appealing. In this article, you are going to learn how to implement PowerPoint automation features using Java. Particularly, you will come to know how to create PowerPoint presentations and add various elements to the slides using Java.

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