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Encrypt and Decrypt Excel Files using C#

MS Excel provides an encryption mechanism to protect the data in the spreadsheets from unauthorized users. Along with applying encryption, you can specify the password that is required to open the Excel files. This article covers how to perform the encryption of Excel files from within .NET applications. Particularly, you will learn how to encrypt and decrypt the Excel files using C#.

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Find and Replace Text in Word Documents using C++

Find and replace is a useful feature provided by MS Word that lets you update all occurrences of a particular text at once. Thus, you do not have to locate and replace the text in the whole document manually. In this article, you will learn how to find and replace text in Word documents from within C++ applications. This could be useful when you need to replace a particular text in a number of documents in one go.

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Convert HTML to JPG, PNG, TIFF, or BMP Image in Java

HTML is frequently used to display data and information over web pages, web applications, and different platforms. You may need to convert HTML to an image like JPG, PNG, TIFF, BMP, etc. You can perform the conversion programmatically using Java language in your Java-based applications. Moreover, the API takes care of rendering HTML to image and you do not need to worry about underlying details of the file formats. Simply use the API calls and the HTML file will be rendered nicely.

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Protect and Unprotect Excel Files in Java

Excel files are used to store small as well as large-sized data in the form of rows and columns. Along with data storage, you can perform other operations such as computations and data analysis using graphs and charts. Since data is worth being protected, MS Excel allows you to protect the Excel files. This article covers how to automate the protection of MS Excel files programmatically. Particularly, you will learn how to protect and unprotect Excel files using Java.

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Convert Email Messages to PDF using C#

There could be various scenarios when you need to embed the content of the emails within your web or desktop applications. In such cases, you can convert the email messages into a format that can easily be embedded and displayed. One of the possible solutions is email to PDF conversion. This article provides a step by step guide and code sample of how to convert an email message to PDF using C#.

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Insert or Delete Text/Image Watermark in PDF File using C#

Watermarks are frequently used in PDF files. You can insert or delete text and image watermark in PDF files with few simple steps. You can easily control a lot of properties for working with watermarks. For example, opacity, position, rotation, color, font, image, etc., and much more. Likewise, a lot of other properties can be set for watermarks with quick API calls.

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Create MS Project Files Programmatically using Java

MS Project is a well-known project management application that makes it easier for managers to perform project management activities efficiently. The project managers can create tasks, add resources, and assign tasks to the resources within a particular project. Furthermore, they can define the timeline as well as perform budget management operations. However, there could be various scenarios when managers need to customize project management operations. Also, an organization may need to automate project management within web or desktop applications.

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Install and Apply License for Aspose.Total API

Aspose.Total is a complete set of APIs to work with different files. It lets you create, edit, convert, or manipulate hundreds of file formats. You can purchase and work with different Aspose APIs as a consolidated package, Aspose.Total. You can install or apply licenses for several APIs in Aspose.Total.

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Protect or Unprotect Word Documents using C++

The protection of digital documents has always been a hot topic. As far as Word documents are concerned, MS Word provides several content protection features that limit the user's access to the document. You can protect the document with a password and apply desired restrictions to avoid unauthorized access. In accordance with that, this article covers how to automate Word document protection within C++ applications. Particularly, you will learn how to protect and unprotect Word documents using C++.

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Add or Remove Annotations in PDF Files using C#

PDF annotations are the additional objects that are used to marking up the content in PDFs. Since PDF files are not easily editable, the annotations are used to add notes about the content using comments, popups, and various other graphical objects. In this article, you will learn how to work with annotations in PDF documents programmatically. Particularly, the article will cover how to add and remove annotations in PDF files using C#.

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