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Create Charts in Excel Spreadsheets using C++

Charts are an excellent tool for concisely showing data. Moreover, they represent the data visually, making it easier to consume large amounts of data. You might find charts to be helpful in situations where you need to show data such as the monthly budget comparison or product adoption rate. In light of that, this article will teach you how to create charts in Excel files using C++.

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Convert Images to PDF using Java

PDF has become a universal format to share documents over the internet. Therefore, various other file formats are converted to PDF before they are exchanged. One of the popular conversions is image to PDF that may include PNG to PDF, JPEG to PDF, BMP to PDF, etc. Therefore, this article covers how to convert images to PDF using Java.

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Working with Annotations in PDF Files using C++

Annotations are additional objects that can be added to PDF documents. Annotations can be helpful in scenarios such as adding contextual information to the document. As PDF files are not easily editable, annotations provide an option to add additional information to the document. In this article, you will learn how to work with annotations in PDF files using C++.

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Convert TeX (LaTeX) to PDF or XPS File Programmatically using C#

A TeX file may contain text, symbols, or arithmetic expressions. These are used for typesetting the documents and you can typeset TeX input to PDF, XPS, and several other supported formats. In this article, you will be learning how to convert TeX to PDF or XPS files programmatically using C#.

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Insert and Delete Rows and Columns in Excel using Python

While working with spreadsheet manipulation, you may often need to insert or delete rows and columns within your worksheets. In accordance with that, this article covers how to manipulate rows and columns in worksheets programmatically. Particularly, you will learn how to insert or delete single or multiple rows and columns in an Excel worksheet using Python.

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Read Email Messages Programmatically using Java

In certain cases, you may need to read and parse EML or MSG email messages from within your applications. In order to do it programmatically, this article shows how to extract information from the email messages in Java. Particularly, you will learn how to read email's subject, to, from, body, and header information.

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Extract Text from PowerPoint Files using C++

You may find yourself in scenarios where you have to save the text of the PowerPoint file to a database or some file. Doing this task manually will be time-consuming and less efficient. The better way would be to do the extraction programmatically. To that end, this article will teach you how to extract text from PowerPoint files using C++.

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Add, Connect, Remove, or Clone PowerPoint Shapes in Java

Shapes in PowerPoint presentations are used to elaborate a particular point or create diagrams such as flowcharts. Also, the inclusion of shapes makes the presentation more appealing. Therefore, PowerPoint provides a number of shapes such as line, ellipse, rectangle, etc. In this article, you will learn how to automate the manipulation of shapes in PowerPoint presentations. Particularly, the article will cover how to add, connect, clone, or remove shapes in PowerPoint presentations using Java.

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Aspose Sponsors GIDS Live 2021 Conference

Aspose is an official sponsor of the 14th year of GIDS, a virtual conference for software engineers, architects, and leaders. Taking place April 27-30, the highly interactive event features 200+ top-notch technical sessions, live Q&A, along with ample opportunities to interact with your peers in a safe setting. A limited number of FREE tickets are available on a first-come first-served basis.

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Convert PostScript EPS/PS to PNG or JPG Image in C#

PostScript PS/EPS files are frequently used for printing purposes as they are based on Page Description Languages. You can convert EPS or PS format PostScript files to image programmatically using C#. You will be learning the following PostScript file conversions in this article.

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