DWF or DWFX files contain design data in 2D or 3D format. They comprise vector image data and metadata in binary coding. In certain scenarios, you may need to convert DWF or DWFX files to an SVG image file as per your requirements. In accordance with that, the article covers how to convert DWF or DWFX to SVG images programmatically using Java.

DWF or DWFX to SVG Conversion – Java API Installation

Aspose.CAD for Java API supports working with different CAD-related file formats including DWF, STL, etc. You can access the API by downloading its JAR file from the Downloads section or paste the below Maven configurations in the pom.xml file of your Maven-based applications:


        <name>Aspose Java API</name>



Convert DWF or DWFX to SVG Programmatically using Java

You can convert a DWF or DWFX file to an SVG image with the following steps:

  1. Load the input DWF or DWFX file with the Image class.
  2. Initialize the CadRasterizationOptions class object.
  3. Instantiate an object of SvgOptions class.
  4. Convert DWF or DWFX to SVG image using the Save method.

The following code sample elaborates how to convert a DWF or DWFX file to an SVG image in Java:

Explore More Features

You may visit the documentation space to learn about several other features of the API.


In this article, you have learned how to convert a DWF or DWFX to SVG images. The drawings are rendered to a vector image with high fidelity in order to ensure reliable and accurate conversion. However, in case you notice any issue or need to discuss any of your queries, please feel free to reach out to us at the forum.

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