Convert FBX to OBJ PDF

FBX file format is based on the object-based model which can store video as well as audio information. You can convert FBX to Wavefront OBJ or PDF file format using C#. Let us walk through the following bullets for an overview of FBX conversion:

FBX to OBJ or PDF Converter – API Installation

Aspose.3D for .NET API supports a lot of file formats related to scenes, animations, geometries, etc. You can easily refer to the API either by downloading the DLL files from the Releases section or configure it via NuGet gallery from Microsoft Visual Studio IDE with the following installation command.

PM> Install-Package Aspose.3D

Convert FBX to Wavefront OBJ File using C#

You can quickly convert or export the FBX files with the API we have just installed in the previous step. For converting an FBX file to Wavefront OBJ file, you need to follow couple of steps without caring about any underlying structure or orientation of the file formats:

  1. Load input FBX file
  2. Save output wavefront OBJ file

The code below shows how simply you can convert FBX to wavefront OBJ file in C#:

Convert FBX to PDF File using C#

PDF files support 3D contents and are famous because of the massive compatibility over almost all frameworks and system environments. Sometimes, you might need to convert a FBX file to PDF then Aspose.3D for .NET API is the best choice to perform this conversion using C#. Below are the steps to export FBX files to PDF format files:

  1. Load input FBX file
  2. Save output PDF file

The following code shows how to convert FBX to PDF programmatically using C#:

Furthermore, the below screenshot shows a sample where input and output files are shown visually in order to explain the file rendering capabilities of the API.


To sum it up, we have learned how to convert FBX files to Wavefront OBJ or PDF documents using C#. Likewise, the API offers several other features that you can explore further by visiting the Product Documentation. You can always get in touch with us via Free Support Forum. Cheers!

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