USDZ files contain three-dimensional data and are continuously getting popular for different product presentations as well as other use cases. In certain scenarios, you may need to convert a USDZ file to an HTML webpage. Accordingly, this article discusses how to convert USDZ to HTML webpage in Java.

USDZ to HTML File Conversion – Java API Installation

Aspose.3D for Java API supports working with three-dimensional objects and scenes. You can quickly install the API by downloading the reference JAR file from the New Releases section or use the following Maven configurations in the pom.xml file of your Maven project for accessing the API from the Aspose Repository


        <name>Aspose Java API</name>



How to Convert USDZ to HTML Webpage in Java

A USDZ file can be converted to an HTML file programmatically by following the steps below:

  • Load the input USDZ file using the Scene class.
  • Initiate an object of Html5SaveOptions class.
  • Export the USDZ file to HTML file.

The next section covers further details on the USDZ to HTML conversion.

Convert USDZ to HTML Webpage in Java

You need to follow the steps below to convert a USDZ file to HTML format:

  • Load the source USDZ file while initiating an instance of the Scene class.
  • Initialize an object of the Html5SaveOptions class.
  • Convert the USDZ to an HTML webpage.

The code snippet below demonstrates how to convert USDZ to HTML webpage programmatically in Java:

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Online Demo

Please try the USDZ to HTML Converter web app developed using the above API.


In this article, you have learned how to convert a USDZ to HTML webpage programmatically in Java. The API quickly performs the conversion without needing to install any 3D modeling application or tool. Furthermore, you may visit the documentation space to check out many other features included in the API. In case of any concerns, please feel free to reach out to us at the forum.

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