Aspose.3D for NET APIs

We are pleased to announce the version 1.2.0 of the Aspose.3D for .NET API. From this version, developers would be able to import and export scenes in 3DS format (Autodesk 3D Studio DOS). They can also triangulate a mesh because it is required by 3DS file exporting. Besides this, developers can flip coordinate system in OBJ, 3DS and STL formats. This version also covers internal improvements in adding multiple scenes.

Add a Target Camera in 3D Scene

Cameras are the main viewing tools in 3D visualisation. Many of 3D formats have an option of target camera. A target camera has two icons to animate, the target and the camera. Its support is now added to the Aspose.3D API. This help topic shows how developers can add a target camera to a 3D Scene: Setup the Target Camera in 3D File

Flip Coordinate System of OBJ, 3DS and STL Formats

This feature support allows developers to flip coordinate system of OBJ, 3DS and STL formats during the export. This help topic shows how developers can flip coordinate system: Flip Coordinate System in 3D Formats

How to Triangulate a Mesh

Aspose.3D API provides support of triangulating a mesh because converting polygons to triangles is a quick way to ensure non-planar faces render properly. This help topic shows how developers can triangulate a mesh: How to Triangulate a Mesh

Public API Changes

The following API changes in the new version are also worth noting:

  • The several IOConfig subclasses are added like FBXConfig, OBJConfig, STLConfig and Discreet3DSConfig. These classes allow developers to set options during the importing and exporting like 3DS Max, Maya and Blender.

  • The new PolygonModifier class is added. It allows to convert the polygon-based meshes into triangle-based meshes.

  • The Distreet3DS option is added in the FileFormat enum.

  • The Target and Direction properties are added in the Camera and Light classes.

Aspose.3D for .NET Resources

The following resources will help you work with Aspose.3D for .NET:

We hope you’ll enjoy this new release that save time and efforts. The API is quite simple and developers can use it in application easily.