USDZ to STL csharp

USDZ files are commonly used to create augmented reality-based scenes. USDZ files include data for rigging, textures, geometry, etc. to precisely portray a 3D scene. In certain scenarios, you might need to convert a USDZ file to STL format. Accordingly, this article explains how to convert a USDZ file to an STL file programmatically in C#.

USDZ to STL File Converter – C# API Installation

Aspose.3D for .NET API supports working with 3D objects and scenes. You only need to configure the API by downloading the DLL files from the Downloads section or with the following NuGet installation command in Visual Studio IDE under the Tools menu:

PM> Install-Package Aspose.3D

Convert USDZ to STL File in C#

You need to follow the steps below for converting a USDZ file to STL format:

  1. Create an instance of the Scene class to load the input USDZ file.
  2. Initialize an object of STLSaveOptions class.
  3. Convert the USDZ to STL format with the Save method.

The code snippet below demonstrates how to convert a USDZ file to STL format programmatically in C#:

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Online Demo

Please try the USDZ to STL Converter web app developed using the above API.


In this article, you have explored the simple process to convert a USDZ file to an STL file with simple API calls. USDZ files are getting popular owing to their realistic portraying a 3D object in one’s surrounding with augmented reality. For instance, many online stores preview their products in USDZ format to provide a better understanding of their target audience. Moreover, please go through the documentation section to take a look at many other features of the API. Please write to contact us at the forum in case of any concerns.

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