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Sort and Hide Pivot Table Data in Excel using Java

Aspose.Cells for Java v19.11 is released which contains many new features and upgrades. Pivot tables processing is enhanced by providing the sorting and hiding data based upon some criteria to get compact information for reporting and presentations. Reading and writing to tables with QueryTable as a data source is available now. This is not the end of this release but the beginning of a long list of new features like modifying the existing validation by adding CellArea, retrieving OData connection… Continue Reading
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Java Excel to TIFF – Track Conversion Progress with Aspose.Cells for Java

We are happy to share the release of the latest version of Aspose.Cells for Java v19.10 having a long-awaited feature of tracking the conversion progress of huge files. This is not the end of features in this release as it also supports custom data sorting for the specific area in PivotTable report and provides Workbook.ContentTypeProperties.Add method to add custom ContentTypeProperties to an excel file. Many other enhancements and bug resolutions are there in this release. You may get complete details of enhancements, new features… Continue Reading
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Generate and Read Swiss QR Code using C# – .NET Barcode Generator API

We are glad to roll out our latest release of Aspose.BarCode for .NET v19.10 having support for widely used Swiss QRCode. This new feature will make developers capable of developing applications to use it on bills, making digital payments, product packaging, railways, bike-sharing and even for buying bitcoins. Details of all the new exciting features can be found in the release notes containing a list of all the new added features, bugs resolution and public API changes which a developer… Continue Reading
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Adjust Excel Workbook Compression Level using Java

Its great pleasure to share that we have achieved another milestone by publishing new release Aspose.Cells for Java 19.9 that will enable developers to adjust the workbook compression level. Don’t worry, this is not the only feature as there are many other enhancements as well including the facility to print multiple copies of a workbook and support for reading and rendering Control of ODS files.  Details of all the new features, enhancements and bugs resolution can be seen in the… Continue Reading
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.NET Standard 1.3 version Discontinued in Aspose.BarCode for .NET 19.7

Process of up-gradation and performance improvement is going on and on for Aspose.BarCode and here we are with a new version of Aspose.BarCode for .NET 19.7. We have removed the support for older versions of .NET standard 1.3 and compact version also which is very less used nowadays. You can get a list of all the changes and upgradations in the release notes for this new version. Discontinue support for .NET Standard 1.3 We have discontinued the support for .NET… Continue Reading
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Detect Hyperlink Type in Excel Spreadsheets using Java

You get a list of hyperlinks from an Excel file and now thinking about how to categorise them into different types in order to select the appropriate method for processing each of them. Don’t panic! Aspose.Cells for Java 19.8 is released containing the solution for this problem. This is not the only feature introduced in this release but there are many more to explore like extracting embedded MOL file, getting total page count before converting to PDF/Image, inserting SVG file… Continue Reading
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Convert Excel to PDF – Track Conversion Progress using Java

Do you want a feedback mechanism while huge Excel files are converted to PDF? Great! Get the latest enhanced version of Aspose.Cells for Java 19.7 to use this exciting feature by adding just a few lines of codes. We are happy that once again we got the chance to present an updated and enhanced version of Aspose.Cells for Java v19.5. This time we have added new features for processing the ODS file background to create more user-friendly output files having… Continue Reading
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Use ECI Encoding for Barcodes in Java with Aspose.BarCode for Java v19.6

Aspose.BarCode for Java 19.6 is released which contains new properties and improvements which will ease your work to read and write barcodes with ECI encoding information and also make possible to read low-resolution TIFF images. These API changes and other details can be obtained in the release note page of the API documentation. Let me share the details of these new features and their use in the programming. ECI Encoding for Barcodes Implementing barcode reading is quite a complex task.… Continue Reading
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OneNote files are loaded fast in licensing mode with Aspose.Note for .NET and Java 19.7

The wait is over as new release for Aspose.Note for .NET/Java 19.7 is published. This time we have improved the support for processing files in OneNote online format. This release contains many enhancements and few bugs are also removed which were reported by users. There were some issues which are resolved like slow processing of OneNote files. For details about this release, you may visit the release notes for .NET and Java. Slow loading of OneNote file A user reported… Continue Reading
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Work with SXC and FODS Files using Java

A new version Aspose.Cells for Java 19.6 is released that handles file types SXC and FODS contains a lot of enhancements and few bug removals. Support for handling file types SXC and FODS is added like you can generate, load and save these files. This release also contains improvements for handling files with large conditional formattings, enhancements in the process of saving Excel files with data formats, filters and chart rendering. You can get the details of all these enhancements… Continue Reading
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