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Draw Shapes in Visio Page using C# with Aspose.Diagram for .NET

Microsoft office is one of the most powerful drawing tools in the market. If you want to work with it programmatically and develop Add-Ons, it becomes a hassle. Often times it becomes even hard to perform a basic task – like drawing a shape inside a page. Well, you don’t need to worry much! It’s as easy as pie when you draw shapes using Aspose.Diagram for .NET. Using Aspose.Diagram for .NET, you can not only draw basic but complex shapes… Continue Reading
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Manipulate XPS and EPS Documents in C# or Java using Aspose.Page

The world admires Batman and Superman. They both have billions of fans together. They both have a different character, different powers, different qualities, and features. Even the fan base quarrel with each other about which superhero is better than the other one. One can always hear rants about Batman vs Superman. What if there was nothing like Batman vs Superman and they both worked together – serving humanity and saving the world? The world would definitely be a better place… Continue Reading
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Populate HTML Templates with JSON and XML Data in C#

Of all the miracles Po had seen in the time and space of its death, Po thought this–the absorption of another, the carrying of it–was the most bewildering and remarkable of all. – Lauren Oliver, Liesl & Po Many great things in the world are the result of merging. Nature, animals, people, and technology merge together to produce unmatchable results. At Aspose we merge templates to produce robust documents. HTML is the standard markup language for creating web pages and… Continue Reading
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Create Tagged PDFs using Aspose.PDF for Java 19.2

PDF files contain text, images and other element of content that are combined together to make up an electronic document. In addition, there is a set of instructions which defines the logic of binding the content together known as Structure. The structure defines the correct reading order of a PDF file. In a PDF file, the structure is known as Tags. These tags are the hierarchy of containers describing the semantics of the content inside them and are represented in… Continue Reading
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