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Convert MemoryStream to PDF File or PDF File to MemoryStream in C# VB.NET

MemoryStream is frequently used because of its efficiency and ease. You can convert a MemoryStream to a PDF File as well as a PDF File to a MemoryStream Programmatically using C# or VB.NET. One of the many advantages of using a MemoryStream is that the system can avoid the latencies.

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Convert JSON to CSV and CSV to JSON using C# or VB.NET

JSON is abbreviated for Javascript Object Notation, which represents the data as key-value pairs. You can convert JSON to CSV and CSV to JSON format as per your requirements. Both of these file formats are suitable for storing and transmitting data.

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Convert CSV to PDF or PDF to CSV Programmatically using C# VB.NET

CSV files often contain tabular data where the values are usually separated by comma delimiter. You can convert a CSV file to PDF as well as a PDF file to a CSV file using C# or VB.NET. Aspose APIs offer a lot of file manipulation and conversion features. Let us explore the CSV and PDF conversion.

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Convert CSV to Excel Files or Excel to CSV using C# VB.NET

Information is sometimes exchanged as key, value pairs, or comma-separated values in different scenarios. You might need to manipulate or convert such comma-separated values (CSV) to Excel (XLS /XLSX) for further processing. Likewise, you can convert Microsoft Excel files XLS/XLSX to CSV in your .NET applications using C# or VB.NET.

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Import or Export Annotations from PDF to XFDF using C# VB.NET

Annotations are often used to add clarifications, explanations, details, or comments to some documents. In PDF files, annotations are frequently used and you might need to import or export them to XFDF format. You can easily import or export annotations programmatically using C# or VB.NET.

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Print PDF Files Programmatically using Java

Printing PDF documents is often a key function in different companies and organizations. You can easily print a PDF file programmatically using Java language. You can work with Aspose.PDF for Java API by configuring it in your environment. Let us walk through different PDF printing scenarios that are possible in your Java applications.

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Convert XPS, OXPS to JPG or PNG Image using C# VB.NET

XPS file format is frequently used in file processing applications. You can convert XPS or OXPS to JPG or PNG image programmatically with C# or VB.NET in your .NET framework based applications. You can easily convert XPS or OXPS files to JPG or PNG Image with few simple API calls. Aspose.Page for .NET API includes different features to work with XPS, OXPS, and several other supported file formats.

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Sharing Data with Aspose – Data Security

Aspose might need your data sometimes for fixing or improving different features of the APIs. We understand your data security and privacy concerns so we take the necessary steps for transmitting and protecting the data.

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Convert DOCX to DOC or DOC to DOCX with C# VB.NET

Microsoft Word Documents are majorly of two types, DOC and DOCX. You can convert DOCX to DOC as well as from DOC to DOCX using C# or VB.NET programmatically. Each document can be processed and converted one by one or you can batch convert the DOC and DOCX files if you need to work with a lot of files.

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Add or Remove Watermark in Word (DOC/DOCX) using C++

Watermarks are usually used to show ownership or the nature of the document. You can add/insert or remove watermark in Word Documents (DOC/DOCX) programmatically using C++. For instance, a word document contains classified information and you want to add a watermark in the file then these requirements can be met efficiently with Aspose.Words for C++ API.

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