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Maintenance Downtime: Sunday, December 7, 2014, 8:00 – 9:30am (GMT)

This weekend, we’re performing maintenance on some of our servers to ensure that we can meet our users’ needs in the future. As a result, the Aspose forums and download sections will be unavailable between 8:00 and 9:30 am on Sunday, December 7, 2014.

We apologize for any inconvenience this causes and have chosen the time to minimize the impact on our users.… Continue Reading

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Aspose Wins Silver in the Dev Pro Community Choice Awards

Sydney, Australia – November 22, 2013 – Aspose.Email for .NET was awarded silver in the Best Email Control category of the Dev Pro Community Awards. Every year, Dev Pro invites their readers to nominate and vote for products in the annual Community Awards. We’re delighted that our users have taken the time to vote for us.

The Dev Pro Community Choice Awards

Dev Pro Community Choice Awards 2013 logoDev Pro collects together independent information about how to build Microsoft applications to give Microsoft developer advise and … Continue Reading

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Aspose Sponsors jDays 2013, November 26-27, Gothenburg, Sweden

jDays 2013, November 26-27, Gothenburgh, SwedenAspose sponsors a range of user groups and conferences in the US, Europe and Asia. In previous posts, we’ve highlighted some of the .NET events that we support. .NET is only one of our platforms: we also support events for our other platforms, for example SharePoint, and Java.

Later this month, on November 26-27, jDays 2013, a Java developer conference, takes place in Gothenburg, Sweden. It’s a chance for Java developers in Scandinavia and beyond to get together, learn about … Continue Reading

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Learning from the Community: Sponsoring DDD North

In June we sponsored DDD East Anglia. It was a very well-received event and we’re pleased to have the opportunity to support DDD North this month.

What is it?

DDD – Developer! Developer! Developer! – is a series of free technical community events for developers in the UK. It’s a community event in the true sense of the word: the community suggests topics for discussions and votes on which topics are presented on the day. It lets developers share experiences … Continue Reading

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Aspose Supports Community Day 2013, Belgium

User groupCommunity Day 2013 is a Belgian conference that lets the community do the talking. Each session is run by a Microsoft user group, delivering content they know is useful and interesting. The main goal of the 2013 edition is to deliver high-quality sessions, and the agenda suggests that they’re succeeded.

Aspose develops components and tools that make the lives of developers and administrators easier. We’re developers ourselves and understand the desire to focus on the interesting stuff like learning new … Continue Reading

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Aspose Newsletter, June 2013

Giving Developers a Streamlined Experience

Technology never stands still. That’s true for Aspose’s products as well as the various products and platforms that we work with. Last year, Microsoft released major updates to the Microsoft Office product suite, SQL Server Reporting Services platform and Visual Studio. Aspose’s products have been tested with all three. We have a couple of updates to make before we fully support all of the format and feature changes that Microsoft Office 2013 introduced but are

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Aspose ニュースレター 2013年 6月


テクノロジーは立ち止まりません。それは Aspose の製品にもあてはまります。昨年、Microsoft は Microsoft Office の製品スイート、SQL Server Reporting Services のプラットフォームおよび Visual Studio のメジャー アップデートをリリースしました。Aspose の製品は、これら 3 つのすべてで動作検証をしました。Microsoft Office 2013 で追加されたすべてのフォーマットと機能変更をすべてサポートする前に、 Aspose 製品ではアップデートを行いました。Aspose 製品では、Visual Studio 2012 のフル サポートを提供し、Aspose の .NET および Reporting Services ユーザーは、好きな IDE で Aspose 製品を使用し続けられます。Aspose の SSRS 製品のほとんどは、Reporting Services 2012 での動作検証を終えております: 現在、Aspose.BarCode for SSRS の動作検証を行っております。

Thank you for reading,
Danny Cooper, Aspose America

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Aspose Supports Visual Studio 2012

Many of our users use Visual Studio to speed up development and help organize their code. It’s a flexible development platform, and version 2012 adds tools that improves agile development and helps testing in Windows 8.

All Aspose .NET and SQL Server Reporting Services products can be used with Visual Studio 2012.

Microsoft Office Components


Aspose.Words logo

Work with Microsoft Word and other word processing formats from inside your own applications, creating, manipulating and converting documents independently of Microsoft Office Automation. … Continue Reading

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Getting People Together: Sponsoring DDD East Anglia

So far this year we have sponsored a number of user groups and conferences in the Americas, Asia and Europe. We’re can now announce that we’re also sponsoring DDD East Anglia this summer.

DDD East Anglia logo

Vote for Sessions

DDD East Anglia takes place in Cambridge on June 29th, 2013, at the Hauser Forum. The event is free to participants and takes place at the weekend so that anyone can attend. Anyone can suggest a session for the event and which sessions are … Continue Reading

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Aspose.PDF for Java and Aspose.Pdf.Kit for Java have Merged.

Sydney, Australia – 03 May 2013 – Aspose merged Aspose.PDF for Java and Aspose.Pdf.Kit for Java into one product with the release of Aspose.Pdf for Java 4.0.0. The merge was achieved by autoporting Aspose.Pdf for .NET to Java.

Aspose.PDF for Java and Aspose.Pdf.Kit for Java

Aspose.PDF for Java is a PDF document creation component that software developers use to create PDF files from images, other document formats or XML. Aspose.Pdf.Kit for Java, meanwhile, is a PDF document manipulation component used … Continue Reading

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