Generate Aztec Barcode in C#

Aztec barcode is a two-dimensional barcode containing a square grid and a bulls-eye pattern at the center. It can contain a different number of layers depending on different symbol modes. In some scenarios, you may need to create an Aztec code to produce encoded codes. Accordingly, this article covers how to generate an Aztec Barcode programmatically in C#.

C# API to Generate Aztec Barcode - Free Download

Aspose.BarCode for .NET can be used to create or scan different kinds of 1D and 2D barcodes. You can easily set it up in your application by downloading the reference DLL files from the New Releases section or using the NuGet installation command below to access it from the NuGet gallery in Microsoft Visual Studio IDE.

PM> Install-Package Aspose.BarCode

Generate Aztec Barcode in C#

The following steps explain how to generate an Aztec barcode:

  1. Initialize a constructor of BarcodeGenerator class and specify the EncodeType.
  2. Set the size value in pixels and the symbol mode.
  3. Export the output Aztec barcode as a PNG image.

The sample code below explains how to generate an Aztec barcode in C#:

Generate Aztec with Error Correction Code in C#

You need to follow the steps below to generate Aztec code with error correction in C#.

  1. Create a BarcodeGenerator class object and set the EncodeType value.
  2. Set the symbol mode and error correction level value.
  3. Export the output Aztec barcode as an image.

The following code snippet demonstrates how to generate Aztec code with error correction programmatically in C#:

The following image shows the sample Aztec barcode with a 50% error correction level:

Aztec Error Correction in C#

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In this article, you have learned different approaches to creating Aztec barcodes programmatically in C#. Moreover, you can adjust the symbol mode to control the number of layers for the output code based on your requirements. Similarly, you can add error correction to the Aztec barcode by following the information explained in this article. Furthermore, you can explore other features of the API by going through the documentation section. In case of any inquiries, please write to us at forum.

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