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Barcodes are machine-readable codes that are designed using different patterns of parallel lines. This article focuses on different ways to create barcodes with different approaches. Let’s explore the details!

You will be learning the topic under the following headings:

  1. Common Scenarios Where Barcodes are Used
  2. Online Barcodes Generator
  3. Free Online App to Generate Barcodes without Sign-Up or Sign-In
  4. How to Create Your Own Barcode Generator
  5. Generate Barcode in C#
  6. Generate Barcode in Java
  7. Create Bulk Barcode Generator - Get Free License
  8. How to Create Barcode - Read More

Common Scenarios Where Barcodes are Used

Barcodes are commonly used to automate processes for efficient management of resources. Below are a few of the many uses of barcodes:

  • Documents can be marked with specific barcodes to identify or mark particular data or candidate information.
  • Invoices can be marked with barcodes for audit, after-sales services, etc.
  • Purchase processes can be streamlined by using barcodes.
  • Inventory can be tracked and managed for efficient management of warehouses or stores.

Online Barcodes Generator

You can create different types of barcodes online without needing to sign-up or sign in for creating a barcode. Moreover, the output file can be downloaded directly without needing you to enter any email address. Simply access the barcode generator app through a web browser, where you can specify the Barcode encoding like 128, Databar, Swiss Code, etc. as per your requirements.

Free Online App to Generate Barcodes without Sign-Up or Sign-In

You may create a barcode online by accessing the following link:

Free Online Barcode Generator

How to Create Your Own Barcode Generator

You can easily create a barcode generator without needing to explore the barcode encodings, different patterns, or other aspects of barcode generation. Simply make a few API calls in any of your preferred framework or development environments as the library can be used in C# .NET Framework environment as well as in the system where Java is configured. The subsequent sections further elaborate on the barcode generation.

Generate Barcode in C#

You can generate a barcode with Aspose.Barcode for .NET API with the following steps:

  1. Configure the DLL of the API or use the following installation command to access it using the NuGet package manager plugin:
PM> Install-Package Aspose.Barcode
  1. Initialize an instance of BarcodeGenerator class and set the encoding type and barcode text.
  2. Specify barcode preferences like appearance, orientation, etc.
  3. Finally, generate a barcode using BarcodeGenerator.Save(String) method.

The following code snippet demonstrates how to generate barcodes in C#.

Generate Barcode in Java

In certain cases, you may want to generate barcodes in Java-enabled environments. Simply configure Aspose.3D for Java API with the following configurations in the pom.xml file of your project, or download the JAR file to work with it.

    <name>Aspose Java API</name>

The following code snippet shows how to generate barcodes using Java.

Create Bulk Barcode Generator - Get Free License

You can create a bulk barcode generator by utilizing parallel processing or multi-threading in your applications. Simply request a free temporary license to evaluate the API to its full capacity.

How to Create Barcode - Read More

There are many other resources and information that you can explore in order to get more details. You may refer to the following sections to read more resources:


In conclusion, you can generate barcodes in different encodings as per your needs. This article has covered barcode generation using C#, Java, as well as online web application that can process your requests within a few seconds. However, if you need to discuss any of your concerns, please feel free to reach out to us at free support forum.

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