generate datamatrix barcode in Python

A Datamatrix barcode is a two-dimensional, matrix-shaped barcode that is made up of black and white cells arranged in a square or rectangular pattern. It can store a large amount of data in a small space. Datamatrix barcodes are often used in manufacturing, logistics, and other industries to track and identify products and other items. They are also commonly used in healthcare to identify medical specimens, equipment, and other materials. This article explains how to create Datamatrix Barcode using Python.

Python Datamatrix Barcode Generator API - Free Download

Aspose.BarCode for Python via .NET supports creating, scanning, or manipulating different barcode encodings. You can quickly configure the API by downloading the package or access it from PyPI using the following pip command in the console:

pip install aspose-barcode-for-python-via-net 

Generate a Datamatrix Barcode in Python

The following steps elaborate on the process to generate Datamatrix Barcode using Python:

  • Create an object of BarcodeGenerator class and set the Datamatrix barcode encoding.
  • Generate a Datamatrix barcode using the save method.

The following code sample shows how to generate a barcode using Python:

How to Generate a Datamtrix Barcode with ECC200 using Python

Datamatrix barcodes are highly reliable and resistant to errors, which is important in applications where the barcode will be read in challenging environments, such as in manufacturing and logistics. You can add redundant data to the original data to detect and correct errors in data caused by noise or other types of interference. You can set different types of ECC while creating Datamatrix barcode. Here you will understand how to use ECC200 as ECC200 is a specific variant of Reed-Solomon error correction that is used in Data Matrix barcodes. It can correct up to 2 errors per data codeword, which means that it can correct errors in up to 50% of the data stored in a Data Matrix barcode.

The steps below demonstrate how to generate a Datamatrix barcode with ECC200 using Python:

  • Initialize an instance of BarcodeGenerator class.
  • Set the barcode text and encoding type and the barcode text.
  • Set parameters like pixels and ECC200 for the Datamatrix barcode.
  • Create the Data Matrix barcode with the save method.

The code sample below demonstrates how to generate a Datamatrix barcode with ECC200 using Python.

Generate Datamatrix Barcode Online

You can use our free, sign-up-free online barcode generator web app, which is built using this API, by visiting the following link:

Python Datamatrix Barcode Generator - Get a Free License

You may evaluate the API to its full capacity by requesting a free temporary license.

How to Create Python DataMatrix Barcode - Read More

You can further explore different learning resources to understand and test the features offered by Aspose.BarCode for Python via .NET API.


In conclusion, this article discusses how to generate Datamatrix barcodes in Python. It also covers different error correction techniques that are popularly used for enhanced reliability of the barcode. Moreover, you can always write to us at forum in case you want to discuss any of your concerns.

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