generate EAN barcode in Python

EAN stands for European Article Number, it is a type of barcode used to identify products sold globally. It is a 13-digit unique identifier code that appears on many consumer goods such as books, food, clothing, etc. Moreover, it is widely used for automation processes for the following reasons:

  • Global Recognition: EAN barcodes are recognized globally, making it easier to sell products worldwide.

  • Better Inventory Management: EAN barcodes allow quick and efficient scanning so they make it easier to track inventory while reducing errors.

  • Better Product Information: EAN barcodes can provide additional product information such as product name, weight, price and more, as they can contain supplement digits for some enhanced information.

The following headings further discuss EAN Barcode Generation in detail:

Python EAN Barcode Generator API - Free API Download

Aspose.BarCode for Python via .NET supports various types of Barcodes like EAN, Postal, 1D, 2D, QR, etc. You can easily integrate it into your applications by downloading the package or configuring it from PyPI using the following pip command:

pip install aspose-barcode-for-python-via-net 

Create EAN 13 Barcode Generator in Python

The steps below elaborate on how to generate an EAN 13 barcode in Python:

  • Initiate an object of the BarcodeGenerator class and specify EAN 13 encoding.
  • Write the output EAN barcode using the save method.

The following sample code shows how to generate an EAN 13 barcode in Python:

How to Create EAN 5 Barcode Generator with Supplement Data in Python

EAN barcode has several variations where you can append supplement data to contain additional information. You can create an EAN 5 barcode with supplement data in Python with the following steps:

  • Create a BarcodeGenerator class object.
  • Specify the text string and the encoding.
  • Set supplement information like space pixels and the data.
  • Create the EAN barcode with the save method.

The code snippet below elaborates on how to create an EAN 5 generator in Python.

The following screenshot visualizes the output barcode created using this code snippet:

python ean 13 generator

Generate EAN Barcode Online

You may create an EAN barcode online and hassle-free without needing to register with any email. Simply access the app by visiting the following link:

Python EAN 13 Barcode Generator - Get a Free License

You can evaluate the API to its full capacity by requesting a free temporary license.

How to Create Python EAN Barcode - Read More

You can explore several other learning resources to learn working with different types of barcode generation using Aspose.BarCode for Python via .NET API.


In conclusion, this article covers how to create an EAN 13 barcode generator in Python. It also explains how to create different variations of the EAN barcode while using supplement data. Furthermore, please feel free to write to us at free support forum in case of any inquiries.

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