generate PDF417 barcode in Python

PDF417 uses a stacked structure, allowing it to store more data than traditional linear barcodes and is often used to encode information on identification documents such as driver’s licenses, passports, and ID cards. It is also designed to be highly robust, able to withstand damage and can be read even if parts of the code are missing or unreadable. This article covers how to generate PDF417 Barcode using Python.

Python PDF417 Barcode Generator API - Free Download

Aspose.BarCode for Python via .NET is a barcode manipulation API that can be used to generate or read different kinds of barcodes from within your applications. You can install the API by downloading the package or configuring it from PyPI using the following pip command in the console:

pip install aspose-barcode-for-python-via-net 

Generate a PDF417 Barcode using Python

You need to follow the steps below to generate a PDF417 barcode using Python:

  • Initialize an instance of the BarcodeGenerator class and set the encoding to PDF417.
  • Create a PDF417 barcode with the save method.

The code snippet below demonstrates how to generate a PDF417 barcode using Python:

How to Generate a PDF417 with Custom Rows and Columns using Python

You can customize a PDF417 code with different properties. For instance, set the number of rows, columns, pixels, etc. as per your requirements. Please follow the steps below to generate a custom PDF417 barcode using Python:

  • Create an object of BarcodeGenerator class.
  • Set the encoding type and the barcode text.
  • Specify the number of columns and rows for the PDF417 barcode.
  • Generate the PDF417 barcode with the save method.

The following code snippet how to generate a custom PDF417 barcode in Python.

Generate PDF417 Barcode Online

You can also generate a PDF417 barcode online without any signup by visiting the following link:

Python PDF417 Barcode Generator - Get a Free License

You may request a free temporary license to evaluate the API without any watermark or evaluation limitations.

How to Create Python PDF417 Barcode - Read More

You may take a look at the following learning resources to understand several other features of Aspose.BarCode for Python via .NET API.


In conclusion, this article explains how to generate PDF417 barcodes in Python while covering different variations of the PDF417 barcode. It also helps you out if you want to perform the generation straight away without any installations or configurations then simply create the PDF417 barcode online as explained. Besides, you can reach out to us via free support forum if you want to discuss any of your queries.

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