About Core Medical Solutions

BOSSnet EMR is a Medical Document acquisition and display tool that has been in use at various hospital sites around Australia for a number of years. Our product deals with medical documentation in an environment where the forms must be automatically identified, from an existing registry where the number may exceed 1000, where the type and location of each barcode may vary for most/all forms, and the image quality varies (as expected from a medical document). Our sites processes around 10,000 documents per day and all acquired are using industry-grade scanner appliances.

Software Specifications

Document processing within BOSSnet EMR is an asynchronous server-based process. The server processing occurs in a Windows Server environment, we must support VMWare and standard hardware environments, and the process must run reliably in a non-user monitored workflow.


After working with an existing barcode library since our first deployment, we made a decision to change libraries. This change was based on reliability issues with the existing tools, and cost-effectiveness.

Therefore, Core Medical Solutions required a .NET barcode processing library that was both accurate and quick, to be run in an unmonitored server environment. Our key consideration requirements for the product were:

  • Accuracy of detection
  • Reliability of execution
  • Speed
  • Support of all industry-standard 1D and 2D barcode
  • Barcode detection and rendering
  • Cost-effective

After a comprehensive review of all available products in the market, Aspose.BarCode was identified as the library that met all of the above requirements. The testing process was made simpler through the unlimited trial licenses that are available, and support through the open forums was excellent.

The product, once deployed, has been extremely reliable, of comparable speed, and meets all other requirements of an industry-grade document processing application. The product is cost-effective, particularly the unlimited CPU server deployment licenses which are critical to our clients whose servers always exceed the single CPU basic licenses of most other products in the market.

Core Medical Solutions selected to deploy all new sites with the Aspose.BarCode libraries, and will also be migrating existing sites as quickly as possible.

Implemented Solution

The Aspose.BarCode for .NET library was implemented as a wrapped .NET library and integrated into our existing document processing tools. Our clients are given tools to assign the detection parameters that are to be used and the Aspose.BarCode library offers adequately configurable settings to meet our needs.

In summary, not only the Aspose library reliable and adequately met our requirements for barcode processing, but it was extremely easy for us to integrate into our existing document processing workflow, with minimal requirements for us to adapt our existing coding to suit.

Barcode administration in BOSSnet – all required industry-recognized barcode types are available

Viewing a scanned image, the barcode was used to automatically allocate the document to a patient record.

Benefits gained with Migration to Aspose

Certainly the Aspose.BarCode for .NET library is a cost-effective tool, the unlimited CPU license model is ideally suited to our client base.

We have noted no degradation in the speed of barcode detection or rendering, compared to our previous tools, and have gained access to a wider number of industry-recognized barcode protocols.

Excellent Customer Support

Initial experience with Aspose client support through the public forums has been extremely good, a number of issues that we encountered when first using the tools were resolved very quickly.

Future Implementations

As the Aspose product supports both reading and rendering of barcodes, our future plans include the incorporation of barcode rendering to our product suite.

With the comprehensive support of industry barcodes, we expect to be able to deal with all future requirements for barcode reading in our current and future clientele. In any case, given the excellent support that we have received to date, we expect that any changes will be met by Aspose anyway.


We have been working with an existing barcode library for a number of years. After pushing through issues for all of that time, we finally made the decision to look for alternative options on the market. Aspose stood out from the rest, it was affordable, had all the features we required (and more), we could thoroughly test it before committing with the limit-free 30 day trial.

In conclusion, we would recommend the Aspose.BarCode Libraries to anybody looking for industry-grade barcode recognition and generation tools. It has been extremely reliable and cost-effective, and is equivalent, if not exceeding, all other barcode products on the market today.


For more information on this case study and to request details on the customer’s previous supplier please contact us.

Mr. Paul Lanzoni, Marketing Manager,
Core Medical Solutions Pty Ltd