DWF DWFX to SVG csharp

DWF or DWFX files can contain design data and graphics in one or multiple drawings and sheet sets. Such files are often used to the design data for review or approval purposes. Whereas, SVG images are famous because of their scalability without affecting the quality of the image. In some use cases, you may need to convert a DWF or DWFX file to an SVG image. Accordingly, this article explains how to convert a DWF or DWFX file to an SVG image programmatically in C#.

DWF or DWFX to SVG Converter – C# API Installation

Aspose.CAD for .NET API can be used to work with DWF, DWFX, and IFC formats in addition to other CAD-related file formats. You can access the API by downloading its DLL files from the Downloads page or install it easily with the following NuGet command:

PM> Install-Package Aspose.CAD

Convert DWF or DWFX to SVG Image Programmatically in C#

You need to follow the steps below in order to convert a DWF or DWFX file to SVG image format:

  1. Create an object of the DwfImage class to load the input DWF or DWFX file.
  2. Initialize an instance of the CadRasterizationOptions class.
  3. Declare an object of SvgOptions class.
  4. Write the output file as an SVG image.

The following code sample demonstrates how to convert a DWF or DWFX file to SVG format programmatically in C#:

Explore More Features

You may visit various other chapters in the API documentation to learn and explore other features supported for working with CAD files.


In this article, you have explored how to convert a DWF or DWFX file to an SVG image format. The image rendering is performed with high fidelity so the output looks similar to the input drawings. Moreover, you may feel free to discuss any of your concerns or queries with us at the forum. We look forward to getting in touch with you.

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