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Using Aspose.Drawing in Azure Functions with C#

Azure functions are event-based, serverless cloud services. You can use Aspose.Drawing for .NET API in Azure functions for drawing vector graphics or text as per your requirements. This article explains how quickly and easily you can configure the API to use in Azure Functions.

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Using System.Drawing with ASP.NET Core or ASP.NET Service

There are a lot of questions dedicated to the usage of System.Drawing library in ASP.NET services. The most common answer is that Microsoft does not recommend the usage of System.Drawing in ASP.NET services. In this article, you will learn details about using the interface of System.Drawing library in ASP.NET services with Aspose.Drawing for .NET. The following sections structure all the relevant information:

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Apply Matrix, Global, Local, World Coordinate Transformation in C#

Coordinate systems are important while working with graphics and shapes. The coordinate axis can be rotated for obtaining new axes through the same origin. Let us explore the following coordinate transformations including Matrix, Global, Local, and World transformations programmatically using C# language. Moreover, you will be able to understand the following transformations after going through this article:

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Add, Insert, or Draw Text on PNG, JPEG, TIFF, Icon, GIF Image using C#

We see or create a lot of images for visual information. Sometimes you need to add or draw text on an image in such a manner that nobody else can modify that text. Image watermark is one of the most common examples. Likewise, labeling or reviewing images may also require drawing text.

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Using System.Drawing in Linux without libgdiplus

If you ever had to run your .NET Core applications on Linux you may have noticed that one of the main problems is the lack of System.Drawing assembly in standard .NET Core package. Even though Microsoft recommends to use System.Drawing.Common, that is not the ultimate solution. You have to run ‘sudo’ on each user machine to have libgdiplus library installed. And even after that, your rendering results will be slightly different from those you have on Windows machines. In order to cope with this issue, this article covers how to use the System.Drawing in Linux without libgdiplus library.

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Draw Graphics and Create 2D Drawings using C# or VB.NET

Draw Graphics using C#

In my previous article, I have given you an overview of our .NET Graphics API – Aspose.Drawing for .NET. Along with that, we have seen how to create images from scratch or draw graphics on existing images using C#. In this article, we’ll go one step ahead and learn how to create 2D drawings by drawing various graphical objects within the .NET applications such as ASP.NET web application, Windows application, and etc.

The following are the vector graphics … Continue Reading

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.NET Graphics API – Create Images and Graphics from Scratch using C#

.NET Graphics API

You would have come across various drawing applications (i.e. MS Paint) that allow you to draw graphics and generate images. However, what if you want to create your own drawing utility or integrate drawing features within your web or desktop application? For such scenarios, Aspose offers its .NET Graphics API as Aspose.Drawing for .NET which is a lightweight solution for creating images and graphics identical to GDI+.

Without any dependencies of the native code and libraries, Aspose.Drawing for .NETContinue Reading

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