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Create OFX Request or Response Programmatically with C# API

OFX, Open Financial Exchange, files are popularly used for exchanging financial information. It is used in client-server as well as Cloud-based systems. So the request-response model is implemented for exchanging financial information. Financial service providers like banks, data aggregators, etc. often use OFX for creating, analyzing, or aggregating financial data. Likewise, they utilize it for managing financial data exchange in their products and services.

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Convert XBRL to XLSX or iXBRL Programmatically in C#

XBRL files are used for business reporting purposes including balance sheets, cash flow statements, ledgers, etc. You can easily convert XBRL files to XLSX Excel Sheet as well as iXBRL, which is an inline XBRL file. These output formats are ideal for presenting the financial information as structured, human, and machine-readable data.

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Create, Parse and Validate XBRL and iXBRL Financial Reports using C#

This article provides information about business reporting using the XBRL standard, the purpose of XBRL, and how to automate the process of creating XBRL-based business reports in .NET applications. Furthermore, it contains step by step methods to parse XBRL and iXBRL files and retrieve data programmatically using C#.

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