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Sharing Data with Aspose – Data Security

Aspose might need your data sometimes for fixing or improving different features of the APIs. We understand your data security and privacy concerns so we take the necessary steps for transmitting and protecting the data.

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How to Buy Aspose License? A Step by Step Guide

Aspose is a leading vendor that provides a complete and feature-rich collection of file format APIs for .NET, Java, C++, Android, and other popular platforms. Aspose APIs have gained the trust of more than 75% of Fortune 100 companies. This makes Aspose a priority option when you need to deal with popular file formats of MS Word, MS Excel, MS PowerPoint, MS Outlook emails and archives, MS Visio, MS Project, MS OneNote, and PDF documents. After you have evaluated and… Continue Reading
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C# .NET API for SVG Files – Coming Soon!

Aspose offers a wide variety of APIs to work with file formats. Considering your requirements and expectations, another exciting product, Aspose.SVG for .NET is in the making. We have researched many dimensions and strengths of SVG file format and then designed the API to satisfy almost all of your needs. The Document Object Model of Aspose.SVG for .NET API is completely in line with SVG specifications. It will be a feature-rich API that will allow loading, saving as well as… Continue Reading
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Convert Word (DOC, DOCX) to Byte Array

Aspose.Words API provides the simplest way to serialize a Microsoft Word document from DOC or DOCX format to a byte array. The conversion of a Word document to a byte array is helpful when storing documents to the database and/ or then retrieving from the database. Aspose.Words API provides the functionality to manipulate Microsoft Word files without using Microsoft Word. If you do not have Aspose.Words API installed, please follow the instructions given on installation page for .NET and installation… Continue Reading
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Resize SVG Images using C# and Java

Hi guys! I am pleased to share release announcement for Aspose.Imaging 19.11, which has been enhanced with new features including support for resizing SVG Images and monitoring document conversion progress. One of the best things about Aspose team is that it publishes both .NET and Java APIs simultaneously every month. This way users of both APIs can use the newly added features simultaneously. In the following sections, I am going to give you a walk through of new features and… Continue Reading
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Free Aspose Consulting Projects Service gets Positive Response from our Customers

Just about three months ago on 1st August 2019, we launched our free Aspose consulting projects service. We have got positive response and good feedback from our customers on this service. So far, during this short period, we have got 15 requests for consulting projects with interesting use cases. This helps us understand that many of our customers wanted help with our APIs in a different way and we reached out to them. We have received many requests which were… Continue Reading
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Security Updates in Aspose.Words for C++ and Aspose.Cells for C++

Aspose makes it a top priority to ensure that our products are free of any bugs which may cause security issues for customers. Our internal teams carefully analyze all releases for possible vulnerabilities and to keep on top of emerging threats. Recently we were made aware of two vulnerability reports from security researcher Cisco Talos.Unfortunately, there was a long delay in us receiving these reports because Cisco Talos failed to get in touch via one of the many channels on… Continue Reading
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Free Consulting Service for Aspose APIs to Help Build Your Project

Did you have a look at the above image? Please have a look again and look closely! This is just a glimpse of all the file formats we work on everyday at Aspose; and there are many more formats. We have helped a lot of customers and developers add file format management capabilities in their products during the past decade. We stand by our customers to support them in building great products having file format processing features. However, some customers… Continue Reading
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Aspose.Page is Launched with the Features of Aspose.XPS and Aspose.EPS

It has already been announced in pre-release blog post of Aspose.Page API that it will be a merger of both Aspose.XPS and Aspose.EPS APIs. Well, Wait is over now. Aspose.Page has been rolled out and available to be used in .NET and Java Applications. It is loaded with the features set earlier offered by Aspose.EPS and Aspose.XPS. Since both Aspose.EPS and Aspose.XPS have been merged as one Aspose.Page API, they will be discontinued and removed from APIs’ catalog offered by… Continue Reading
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Aspose Helps DTS Manage PowerPoint Slides

As a business, we recently embarked on a journey of developing our own web apps to help our customers and streamline some of our internal workflows. Having employed an internal software developer, we started building an application to help our customers (typically trainers, coaches, consultants and facilitators) access high-quality workshop content that was professionally designed and easy to use. Our goal was to create a system that managed our several thousand workbook activity pages and create a marketplace for thought… Continue Reading
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