Project Aspose Java for Docx4j shows how different tasks can be performed using Aspose Java APIs in comparison with Docx4j. Aspose Java for Docx4j also covers the features that are only available in Aspose Java API but not in Docx4j.

This new release, Aspose.Cells Features Missing in Xlsx4j - Release v 1.3, shows a number of new open source code examples showing features that are available only in Aspose.Cells for Java API but absent in Xlsx4j API of project Docx4j for dealing Microsoft Office Excel and Apache OpenOffice Calc Spreadsheet documents.

Open Source: The source code of these examples is freely hosted on GitHub and running examples are also available to download on CodePlex.

New Examples

Existing Examples: Aspose.Cells Features Missing in Xlsx4j

Data Handling Features in xlsx4j

Miscellaneous Examples for xlsx4j

Working with Charts in xlsx4j

Working with Worksheets in xlsx4j

There is much more yet to come and many more examples with documentation are available at Aspose Docs. Keep visiting us.

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