Convert JSON to Excel Python

When it comes to handling tabular data, Excel is a widely used tool. Many times, you may have data in JSON format that you want to convert into Excel for easier analysis, reporting, or sharing with others. This is where Aspose.Cells for Python comes into play, a powerful library that allows you to manipulate Excel files in Python. In this blog post, we will explore how to convert JSON data to an Excel file in a Python application. This will enable you to seamlessly bridge the gap between JSON data and Excel spreadsheets, making your data more accessible and visually appealing.

Python Library to Convert JSON Data to Excel

Aspose.Cells for Python is a feature-rich and robust library that provides extensive functionality for creating, manipulating, and converting Excel files in Python applications. It supports a wide range of Excel formats, including XLS, XLSX, CSV, and more. With this library, you can perform tasks like creating new Excel files, reading and modifying existing ones, and converting data to and from Excel format.

You can either download the API or install it using the following pip command.

> pip install aspose-cells

Convert JSON Data to Excel in Python

The following are the steps to import data from JSON to Excel in Python:

The following code sample shows how to import data from JSON to Excel.

Input JSON Data


Output Excel Worksheet

JSON to Excel Python

Import JSON Data to Excel Sheets with Formatting

Aspose.Cells also allows you to apply styles in JSON to Excel conversion. For example, you can set font, color, alignment, border styles, etc. The following are the steps to apply styles while importing data from JSON to Excel in Java.

The following code sample applies different styles when importing data from JSON to Excel in Python.

Output Excel Worksheet

JSON to XLSX Python

Import JSON Data to Excel Online

Use our free online JSON to Excel converter, which is based on Aspose.Cells. No need to create an account or subscribe to anything.

Get Free Python Excel Library

You can convert JSON files to Excel formats without evaluation limitations using a temporary license.


Converting JSON data to Excel format is a common requirement in data processing and reporting. Aspose.Cells for Python provides a powerful and flexible solution to accomplish this task with ease. With its rich set of features, you can transform your JSON data into professional-looking Excel files for analysis, sharing, or further processing. In this article, we have demonstrated how to convert JSON data to Excel XLS in Python. Also, you have seen how to apply formatting while importing JSON data to Excel sheets.

You can also explore other features of Aspose.Cells for Python via Java using the documentation. In case you would have any queries, you can post on our forum.

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