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MS Excel files are very much in business for storing, organizing, and analyzing a large amount of data. In certain cases, developers also prefer to use Excel files instead of a database to keep the records. However, in order to view the data in Excel files, you need to install MS Excel. Furthermore, you can not view the content of the Excel files from within your applications. Excel to HTML conversion is one of the possible solutions in such cases. This article aims to provide you the ways of how to convert Excel spreadsheets to HTML files using Python.

Python Excel to HTML Converter API

Aspose.Cells for Python via Java is a powerful spreadsheet API that lets you create and manipulate Excel files quite easily using Python. The API’s builtin Excel to HTML converter provides high-quality conversion of Excel workbooks to HTML files. Furthermore, it renders tabs to navigate between sheets within the HTML file. You can run the following pip command in order to install and use the API in Python applications.

pip install aspose-cells

Convert Excel Files to HTML using Python

Converting XLS/XLSX files to HTML using Aspose.Cells is as easy as pie and can be done in a couple of lines of code. The following are the steps to convert an XLSX file to HTML using Python.

The following code sample shows how to convert an XLSX file to HTML using Python.

Excel to HTML

convert Excel to HTML in Python

Convert Excel File to HTML having Tooltips using Python

You can also configure the API to add tooltip text in the converted HTML file. This feature is used when the text’s length exceeds the width of the cell in the worksheet and a part of the text may become hidden. For this, the API exposes the HtmlSaveOptions class. The following are the steps to enable tooltips in Excel to HTML conversion.

The following code sample shows how to convert XLSX file to HTML having tooltip using Python.


In this article, you have seen how to convert Excel files to HTML using Python. Furthermore, you have learned how to enable tooltips in the converted HTML files programmatically. In order to learn more about Aspose’s Python Excel API, please visit the documentation.

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