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Convert TXT to JSON

Try this free TXT to JSON converter to convert your TXT files to JSON format with ease. Get accurate results with this high-speed and powerful tool for TXT to JSON conversion.

  • Press the Upload button to upload the TXT file.
  • Then, press the Convert button to convert your TXT file to JSON.
  • Once converted, the JSON file will be downloaded.
Free TXT to JSON Online Converter
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It is time to say goodbye to TXT to JSON conversion software that needs installation. Just open this online conversion tool in your browser and convert as many TXT files as you want. Get the benefits of high-quality, speedy, and accurate TXT to JSON conversion. Get rid of privacy concerns by having your input and output files deleted from servers after 24 hours.

TXT to JSON Converter - Developer’s Guide

Want to create and embed a TXT to JSON converter in your application? Let’s explore how you can convert a TXT file to JSON format programmatically.

TXT to JSON Conversion in C#

Follow the steps below to convert TXT to JSON format in C#.

// Load TXT file
var workbook = new Workbook("keywords.txt");

// Convert to JSON
workbook.Save("keywords.json", SaveFormat.Json);

Convert TXT to JSON in Java

The following are the steps to convert a TXT file to JSON in Java.

// Load TXT file
var workbook = new Workbook("keywords.txt");

// Convert to JSON"keywords.json", SaveFormat.JSON);

Cloud API

If you are not interested in standalone libraries, explore Cloud API for TXT to JSON conversion. Read more.

Summing Up

How to convert TXT to JSON online?

To convert a TXT file to JSON using our online tool, simply follow these easy steps: First, use the “Upload” button to upload your TXT file. Next, press the “Convert” button to initiate the conversion process. Upon completion, the converted JSON file will be downloaded automatically.

How long does this TXT to JSON converter takes?

Our online TXT to JSON converter converts the files with an amazing speed. You have to wait for a few seconds only.

How can I create my TXT to JSON conversion tool?

You can easily create your TXT to JSON tool by using our standalone libraries or Cloud APIs.

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