Today we announce the second major release of HTML5 Spreadsheet Editor. It comes with exciting new features that makes it even easier to edit spreadsheets online.

HTML5 Spreadsheet Editor is a web application that allows users to view and edit Microsoft Excel files online using a web browser, without installing any additional software. It uses Aspose.Cells for Java on the server-side to read, create, manipulate and render the files. Aspose.Cells for Java is a powerful tool for working with Microsoft Excel files in a Java application.

Open Files from Local Computer

We mostly save files on our computer. It feels more private and secure. HTML5 Spreadsheet Editor allows users to directly edit files from a local computer in a web browser.

Open Files from Dropbox

Dropbox is one of the most popular online file storage services. HTML5 Spreadsheet Editor can open a file from a Dropbox folder directly, even if the Dropbox software is not installed on the computer.

Open Files from the Internet

You can also open file from any URL publicly available on the Internet. To open a file from a URL, add it to the URL parameter.

Start with a Blank Worksheet

The new version allows users to create a new empty spreadsheet file which can be saved to the local computer. It is no longer necessary to have an existing Excel file for the Editor to work.

Rows and Columns

In most cases, a spreadsheet has multiple columns of various width. The width of columns and heights of rows are now rendered correctly.

Working with Sheets

You can now add and remove sheets as well as switch between them.

Faster and Reliable

The new version is both faster and more reliable. It has internal improvements that increase performance and prevent the application from crashing.

Download the Source Code

Complete source code of HTML5 Spreadsheet Editor is available on your favorite site.